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Ubisoft what are you smokin!?

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, the Assassins Creed Legendary Edition costs $800. That is $300 more than a brand new Xbox One X, let that sink in for a moment. It seems Ubisoft decided to one up EA and Bioware … Continue reading

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Are gamers whiny, self-entitled customers?

Do I hear people say that I am a whiny, self-entitled gamer? Sure, I am, and I won’t deny that fact. I do, however, find it increasingly sad to see how some gamers and the video game press turn on … Continue reading

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Mass Effect Andromeda: The AAA Gaming Experience

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Looking pretty bland so far…

Am I the only one thinking that after the latest trailer release for Mass Effect Andromeda that it looks rather boring and dull?  You know like one of those bland generic powerpoint presentation at those mind-numbingly corporate training meetings? I am … Continue reading

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The concerns I have with Mass Effect Andromeda

Firstly I want to remind everyone that Electronic Arts is a terrible publisher and secondly Bioware is a developer that pushes Social Justice Warrior garbage into its games. Evident by the fact that they are willing to hire a racist … Continue reading

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