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Video Game journalism. What a joke.

So we have a situation that requires some tinfoil protection so I would recommend getting that roll of tinfoil from under your bed where you were storing it for that alien invasion that is never going to happen and fashion … Continue reading

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Prey [Review]

[Full Disclosure:] Before I start the review I already did a first impression of the game which you can find here. So I will be copying and pasting some of what I said there in this review because the first impression I … Continue reading

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Why you the gaming media do not deserve free review copies

In my previous post, I covered all of the salt being produced by the gaming press and media regarding Bethesda’s new “anti-consumer” policy. So I decided to look into the reasons why this is now happening, and why I see … Continue reading

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No Bethesda’s new policy isn’t anti-consumer

Seems the gaming press has finally gotten what they deserve and a step I applaud from Bethesda. While the gaming press freely abuse gamer’s without any real repercussions and gets away with it, they have been trying to pull the … Continue reading

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Why I am okay with Fallout 4 being full of bugs

I am about 20 hours into Fallout 4 and for the most part I have not encountered any game breaking bugs yet. Though I have experienced various other bugs including flying enemies, Dogmeat disappearing into objects and running into inanimate objects … Continue reading

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