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D&D: Not just for beardy boys in the basement anymore

“Dungeon and Dragons is not just for a bunch of beardy boys in the basement, it’s for everybody and anybody.” You open your argument with a put down on the entire hobby then demand they be more diverse. Funnily enough, … Continue reading

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Villains with facial scarring? Not in our entertainment!

“Hello there disfigured and scared people, we have decided that for us to promote body positivity in everyone that we will be erasing you from our movies and television shows. You are welcome, yours sincerely the BFI.” The year is … Continue reading

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BBC: Clearly doesn’t know the video game medium…

If this is evidence that journalists and moreover video game journalists are so out of touch with the medium then this Tweet and article is evidence of this: So what about games like The Last of Us, The Witcher, Red Dead … Continue reading

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Why the deceptive headline BBC?

Why is this headline focused on the video game aspect of this tragedy?  And not the loaded pistol that was lying around within the reach of two fighting children? Which got me wondering if they were fighting over say a … Continue reading

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