Oh GameSpot ya dun goofed up!

Got to love video game journalism, more and more people are calling them out on their bullshit so when they get called out on social media they are quick to do damage control when needed and do a complete 180°. TL;DR: Gamespot released an article and decided to give it the headline: “See how Lara Croft evolved from being over sexualized to iconic bad ass.” Basically implying that she was only a pair of big ol’ titties:

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Mass shooters and the video game stigma finally debunked?

This debate is pretty much over for skeptic and rational gamers like myself. But having said that the debate is never over for the ill-informed people out there who still get’s their daily news from the mainstream garbage media outlets. The last two weeks and ever since the Florida shooting we have seen multiple articles being released that were works of pure fiction with no actual research or evidence being presented. We have also seen some of the biggest gaming outlets going from attacking video games and gamers to defending it, because the person they hate more than actual gamers (Donald Trump) was taking a swing at our hobby. Now if only we can convince these people that video games don’t cause sexism or misogyny, oh well one can only dream…

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Imagine my shock: Popular actors get paid more

Every time I see an article like this my eyes roll back so hard they almost fall out of their sockets. So let me explain to the peanut gallery how this works because they inevitably scream wage gap, misogyny or sexist when something like this hits the mainstream media. So let me explain: Matt Smit has a longer acting record and career when it comes to movies and television, not to mention he was the most popular Doctor in one of the most well known and acclaimed Sci-Fi shows namely Doctor Who. And therefore has a higher market value. It is also dependent on overall time worked, time on screen, lines spoken, physical skill put in, pulling power with viewers etc. His name was a bigger draw when The Crown TV show launched. Meanwhile, Claire Foy had less credits to her name and was lesser known.

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PSA: This is how video game journalism works

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Satire or bad video game journalism? Can you tell?

You know what? These days it get’s harder and harder to tell the two apart, if what is being written by these online publications is really game journalism or just plain satire. The past two weeks I honestly could not tell the difference, and I don’t know if that scares me or amuses me. So here are four examples that absolutely mind fucked me, see if you can tell if it is satire or not. First example:

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