The bigger picture with Epic’s purchase of Rocket League

So it seems now that Epic Games have procured Psyonix the creators of massively popular Rocket League:

This move in itself isn’t anything out of the ordinary if you discount the bullshit press release by Psyonix making it look like it is the best thing that could have ever happened to their game and the Rocket League community. When in reality they did not do it for the betterment of their game or the community, they did it for the money Epic was offering them. This quote from the press release stuck with me: “We believe that bringing Rocket League to new audiences with more support is a win for everybody.”  What new audience exactly? Is there a couple of million computer users out there who have not heard of Steam yet? And what support exactly? So what support can they really honestly offer for a barely functioning launcher with the bare minimum of features?

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The Questionable Ethics of Laura Kate Dale and Kotaku UK

Well, this kind of inept display of video game journalism should not be a surprise to anyone anymore, but this article by Laura Kate Dale and Kotaku UK is an act of bad faith:

They have absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever and will publish anything just to get a few extra clicks. And my favorite part is that they still maintain even when called out on it that the entire article wasn’t just a false reactionary, under the pretense: “well maybe were wrong.” For those living under a rock the last couple of days. Kotaku’s Laura Kate Dale published an article accusing Nintendo of having a disability slur in one of the songs that played in their latest Persona 5 DLC, and the slur in question? “Retard”.

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Gamers have the worst memory I swear…

For the love of God, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has yet to get any gameplay footage yet you can already pre-order it:

Pre-ordering a game with no gameplay footage, and we have no other details whatsoever other than ‘now in development’ is fucken retarded. Irrespective whether or not you love the franchise and the developer. And I have discussed this before so I will repeat myself: STOP FUCKEN PRE-ORDERING VIDEO GAMES! You are giving your money to a company for a product that is yet to be finished or released, what other industry other than the video game industry would allow this? This past 5 years I have made it my priority to avoid pre-ordering video games, and it has already saved me from some very big disappointments including buying into the lie that was No Man’s Sky.

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Nvidia’s shrewd if not rather diabolical marketing strategy

So, two days ago Nvidia released its GeForce 425.31 drivers which enabled non-RTX graphics card owners to enjoy the “benefits” and the eye-candy that is ray tracing. If you are an owner of the 10-Series GPU like the GTX 1980, 1070 or 1060, you can simply update to the latest driver version of the drivers and voila! You can now enable ray tracing on your games like Metro Exodus and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But there is a slight catch you see and a very clever subtle psychological trick that is being pulled here by Nvidia. Disguised as goodwill toward gamers who have purchased their products. At first glance, it’s easy to misinterpret this move as a way of allowing all users of their hardware to enjoy the benefits of ray tracing in general. But here is the catch let me explain take a look at the graph below:

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Uh-Oh Dragon Age 4 seems to be in trouble…

Oh boy, this isn’t going to end well for Bioware, considering the backlash Anthem has received since its rather troubled and stunted release a few months back:

And it is exactly as I predicted in an earlier article a few months back. Bioware is actually going out of their way to actually repeat mistakes they made with Anthem. It is fuckin unbelievable, they are actually planning and going out of their way to repeating the same mistakes. I mean you might as well aim a bit higher and shoot yourself in the head instead of the foot:

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Borderlands review bombing ethical or not?

“Review Bombing” is the act in which large group of disgruntled gamers gives negative user reviews for a video game. This is often done in response to developers or publishers who add anti-consumer gameplay mechanics to their games. This is usually done in an attempt to force developers and publishers to listen when other attempts and avenues have failed. Most notable example of review bombings was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which was review bombed in 2015 by gamers who were angry about the game’s introduction of paid mods, leading Valve to reverse their decision and remove the paid mod functionality. The latest review bombing comes courtesy of the Borderlands, after Gearbox Software revealed that the game will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games storefront.

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