Please just kill me now….


Wow, it is almost like these companies are now run by an even bigger, money grubbing companies, whose sole purpose is to milk as much money as possible from gamers. If it isn’t microtransactions in a single player game. Then it is XP codes in Pop-Tarts and Energy drinks, fidget spinners and stickers. Want to upsize your order so that you get an extra large sippy cup? But seriously though. Does it also come with a code to redeem my faith in the video game industry? If not, maybe a code to redeem a gun for my head so I can kill myself:

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Slate: Stop Equating Science with Truth

What the actual fuck did I just read?! Science consists of three critical steps: Observe, Hypothesis, and Test. And even then sometimes science gets it wrong, but science is always self-correcting. Science allows us to try to find facts and workable theories about the world around us. Science gives us a certain amount of understanding and a common starting point for everything.  But I challenge the writer of this article to come up with a better system for getting to the truth. Saying you can’t discuss scientific studies and discount scientific evidence because it might hurt someone’s feeling, flies in the face of everything science stands for. I cannot believe we have reached the point where someone’s arbitrary feelings are more important than the cold hard facts…

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Bleeding Cool: You are the problem not the trolls

First, it was gamers that were the problem, now it is supposedly the comic book fans that are currently the reason behind all of the issues the industry is facing today. It is almost impossible to read the latest article from Bleeding Cool and Joe Glass and not think that, by using terms like trolling and hate speech he is pretty much referring to anyone who doesn’t share or agree with his opinions. So let me just add my voice to those calling out Joe Glass for his condescending hypocrisy in this article. Weren’t you the same Joe Glass responsible for calling another creator (Howard Chaykin) “human garbage” to paraphrase:

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How to kill the anticipation for a new video game

You know what was missing from the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War game? Microtransactions! In our Singleplayer role playing game no less. Just imagine if games like The Witcher 3, Dark Souls or Skyrim had micro transactions?  This is a role playing game for fuck sake, there needs to be that sense of progression and satisfaction for time spent and missions played. Adding micro transactions destroys the entire mechanic and atmosphere behind this. There is a certain level of satisfaction from finding a rare item from a random loot drop after a difficult boss battle. And for me at least it breaks the immersion of the games for me.  Kinda hard to get lost in a fictional world when I am constantly being reminded that I can use my real world money to make my fictional character stronger, instead of actually playing the game and getting items through natural progression.

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When you get your history lessons from a Disney movie

I have seen this image floating around social media the last couple of days, so I decided to clarify a few things the creator of this might have missed. For starters, Mulan is a story based on a ballad of Hua Mulan a Chinese legend. In the ballad, Hua Mulan takes her aged father’s place in the army. She was a beautiful woman who was very strong, and was known for practicing martial arts such as kung fu and for being skilled with the sword. And no she did not actual saved China in the ballad she retired after 12 years of fighting and no she was not transsexual/transgender. I don’t know what is more tragic, people getting their history lessons from a Disney movies. Or people who conflate cross dressing with being transgender, hey idiots they aren’t mutually exclusive. Being a cross dresser is not always the same as being transsexual/transgender.

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