This is so accurate, that it is sad…

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CNN is blaming video games for the Cleveland killer

And here we go again folks, we have literally regressed back to the late 90’s Jack Thompson era of “video games causes school shootings” thanks, CNN. Video game journalists have been repeating the mantra of video games causes sexism for well over 5 years now and it still has not been proven to be true, no matter how many crackpot studies you use as prove. And the same thing applies to video game violence causing real world violence, no matter how much you talk about it, repeat it and claim that there is a link it won’t make the fact that there is no link more or less true. Some people especially the media who are unfamiliar with the medium treat video games as if they were some sort of infallible truth, that if you shoot someone in a video game.

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Asian only live action movies do not always equal success

You have to love it when people write something without properly researching it, and then make broad sweeping statements based on only those assumptions. Firstly Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell movie was a western production, while the Fullmetal Alchemist movie is made in the East. So it boils down to apples and oranges when comparing it to production values and casting of actors. Secondly, the writer of the article assumes that if the cast is Japanese only it automatically assumed that it will be a success.

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Punching Nazi’s: We have come full circle now

Remember when everyone cheered when supposed Nazi Richard B. Spencer was punched in the face during an interview? Everyone cheered and everyone justified it with their mental gymnastics. Well, surprise surprise the people being called Nazi’s are now punching back at their aggressors. First, it was okay to punch nazis. Then everyone you did not like or agree with politically was a Nazi in disguise. Then the supposed Nazi’s started punching back and predictably were get what happened at Berkley recently. And of course (like clockwork) the media are having a field day with this: “SHOCKING footage shows a cowardly white supremacist punching a female protester in the face during a violent demonstration” and the classic: “White supremacist caught on video sucker-punching woman.”

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Dear Huffington Post South Africa

The idea this article perpetuates is outrageous, not to mention a complete work of fantasy. You simply cannot expect people to just be fine with this style of collective punishment, especially if it is based on race and gender. And according to Shelley Garland me being a South African, hetero, progressive, white male who is faithful to his wife, loves his son, does not drink or smoke, and works long hours to support my family. And in being who I am and do what a father and husband need’s to do I am the “white devil”  responsible for all of the world’s problems? Did Shelley Garland forget what has happened in Zimbabwe recently? The country that famously “redistributed” wealth by taking all the farm land and equipment owned by white farmers and gave them to the local Zimbabwean people. It was and still is the cause of misery, famine, pandemics, endless internecine bloodshed in Zimbabwe.

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