Daily Telegraph’s garbage video game article

When I read garbage article like this it makes my blood boil, but when they outright misrepresent and lie to push a narrative it pisses me right the fuck off:

And then you add unnecessary censoring to make it look worse, not to mention the images were pulled right off a DeviantArt fanart page. Why did you deceptively add a censor bar to the above image in order to make the character appear bare-breasted? And why are you stealing people’s fanart using it without permission and using it to present the game in a false light? And why are you using a 10-year-old image of Lara Croft, why did you not use an image from one of her latest games? You fucken useless disingenuous assholes.

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The FREQ Show: The biggest load of garbage ever…

This video series by the professional victim and con artist Anita Sarkeesian is some of the purest bullshit ever produced by herself and Feminist Frequency. And that statement alone says a lot considering her video game series called Tropes vs Women in Video Games, which was absolute garbage. In her latest video Manufacturing a Muslim Menace” she goes about basically saying that the media is at fault for Islam and Muslims image problem. And just for the record, I reject the term “Islamophobia”, a phobia is an irrational aversion/fear of something. And let’s be brutally honest here: There is absolutely nothing irrational about fearing or being averse to a religious ideology that produces thousands if not millions of terrorists and militants groups in almost every part of the world where they exist. And no Anita It wasn’t the media that manufactured the current bad image that Islam and Muslims are suffering from.

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Hey guys! Do you remember when…

Hey, guys! Do you remember when Ghostbusters was bombing at the box office and the media painted its financial failure on people like me who were supposedly sexist and misogynist and that we (men) didn’t want movies with female leads in them?

Well fuck I guess there goes the media’s carefully crafted narrative out the fucken window.

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Microsoft: Isn’t gaming already for everybody?

All these problems are currently experiencing with segregation in today’s culture be it video games or any other entertainment industry come down to everybody’s willingness to put a label on themselves. While it may not seem like an issue, and it usually isn’t, it gets used by people pushing their own political agendas including video game journalists and the SJW crowd. Add to the fact we now clearly live in a culture of victimization, where people will believe it or not repeatedly victimize themselves as a justification to make themselves important, to basically force you to listen to them using the victim card. Saying: “I am the victim here so you have to listen to me.” This also allows them to say and do things and get away with them because they are the supposed victims.

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Welcome to the other side Laci Green

Well, that was bound to happen, wasn’t it? For you who do not know, long story short, Laci Green used to be one of the biggest, most well-known names in internet and social media SJW/Feminism, right up there with Anita Sarkeesian, Jessica Valenti and Chanty Binx (a.k.a. Big Red). A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that she was seeing Chris Ray Gun another famous anti-SJW Youtuber and shortly after that Laci started releasing rather reasonable video’s as if she become self-aware that the SJW cult is basically like a disease. And that the only cure is by leaving it all behind. And a few days after that it was revealed that she was not only seeing him but they are in a relationship and had bumped uglies. And no I cannot make that shit up it is a story right out of Romeo and Juliet, two people from the opposite sides of the fence falling in love.

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