Orc lives matter!

What the actual fuck did I just read? After reading this I sat for 10 minutes trying to decide if Matthew Gault was being serious or that this was some sort of cleverly written parody article. Honestly considering the garbage video game journalism writes these days, we can safely assume the last one isn’t possible at all. So we can then assume that this is another garbage article written by a hipster who got a job in video game journalism because his gender studies degree did not pan out for him. So this guy is now suffering from some sort of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) because of Middle Earth: Shadow of War which allowed him to enslave kill and basically abuse the Orcs he fights in the game…

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Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein hypocrisy

Don’t you just love Hollywood actors? The hypocrites who preach to use common folk from their gated secure ivory towers. From preaching to us who we should vote for to telling their audience why they are not really that smart. And blaming online trolls for their own stupidity on social media. Not to mention treating fans of well-established franchises like garbage at every opportunity you get. And acting like douchebags and self-entitled assholes at every given opportunity. But when it comes to sexual predators and harassers like Harvey Weinstein, they are extremely slow to wag that finger of morality when it is one of their own. Even going as far as covering it up and keeping it away from the mainstream media.

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Fictional characters aren’t a moral compass for a fandom

No, no just no! And yes most sane fans of Rick and Morty and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World knows that these FICTIONAL characters aren’t people you should not idolize or look up to in the real world. No one wakes up one morning and says: “Hey, you know what? I want to be like one of my favorite FICTIONAL characters in a FICTIONAL world. Unless you are mentally unstable or unhinged. And most fans are fully aware that they are shitty people. And if you actually watched these shows you would know even though these people are shitty they do have redeeming qualities. Rick Sanchez, for instance, cares for the people in his life. It is why he keeps jumping back to his family in one universe after abandoning them in another, or why he nearly risked his life-saving Morty despite having coupons for replacement Mortys.

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Ubisoft & Gamestop: Blackmailing gamers into pre-ordering

I fuck you not, this is not a joke or a parody but an actual Gamestop advertisement that Gamestop put out on multiple gaming websites:


And clicking on this add takes you straight to the Gamestop website. As for the bonus mission, it is entitled: “Secrets of the first pyramids”:

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Anyone remember Kirk Cameron? Neither do I…

Anyone remember Kirk Cameron? You know besides being a bible thumper saying that the worst hurricanes in American history is a punishment from an invisible dad in the sky because they haven’t been repentant enough for their sins. The last time he actually had or done any of relevance was 23 years ago when he started in a TV show called: Growing Pains.  So it really comes as no surprise that when he had the following to say about the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas:

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