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PewDiePie Vs Mainstream media and their fabricated lies

Without sounding too much like a tinfoil loving conspiracy theorist, it does seem like the recent attacks on PewDiePie his person and career by the media seems extremely coordinated especially by the media and social media celebrities. And this wasn’t … Continue reading

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Logan Paul: A leopard can’t change its spots

Should we be surprised at all with Logan Paul at this point in time? So right after recording a dead body and making light of the situation he went straight back to being the dumb piece of shit he’s always … Continue reading

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Hey Logan Paul, fuck you!

Hey Logan Paul, fuck you! Seriously I hope someone fucks you with a rusty railway spike: The fact that he and his merry band of twats didn’t realize how utterly unacceptable it was to make somebody’s tragic death the main … Continue reading

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What Is Kekistan?

“What is Kekistan? Let’s explore what Kekistan is, what it is not and how it’s portrayed incorrectly by places like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the media. I know this is ‘explaining a meme’, but I’ve rarely seen a … Continue reading

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The only Mass Effect: Andromeda review you need to watch!

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When you become more like the monsters you once fought

While I usually abstain from getting involved in Youtube drama, I would like to give my two cents worth on the current Atheism-is-Unstoppable and Naked Ape internet drama. I believe that staying silent about things like self-justified doxing is being just as … Continue reading

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