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Nightwing webseries trailer

..holy crap, this looks perfect! As for the video itself, its actually pretty good. I can see how some people might see elements of Arrow in this, though considering this is a fanmade thing and not a work with big studio … Continue reading

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Watch the New Web Series LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

So today Disney and Marvel decided to bring a new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes series to life in the form of a new web series entitled: “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload.” It features the likes of: Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, … Continue reading

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Vampires: Folklore, Fantasy and Fact

“The myth of the bloodsucking vampire has stalked humans from ancient Mesopotamia to 18th-century Eastern Europe, but it has differed in the terrifying details. So, how did we arrive at the popular image we know, love and fear today? And … Continue reading

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Hilarious Web Series: Tumbleweed

“A gamer starts playing “Tumbleweed,’ the most modern, graphically advanced, video game in history. But his impatient want for violence and sex activates an unexpected feature in this highly advanced game… consequences.” [Warning:] Contains immature humour and inappropriate language. When I … Continue reading

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