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Rotten Tomatoes remove audience intrest scores

Literally hours after I wrote this article about the Captain Marvel outrage, Rotten Tomatoes decided to remove the audience interest scores from their website. This was the score that indicates the interest the movie-going audience has in watching a movie. … Continue reading

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Jason Reitman Ghostbuster comment triggers feminists…

So Jason Reitman made this comment on social media regarding the new Ghostbusters: And as you would have expected the amount of backlash he got was pretty funny:

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No “Backpack Kid” did not invent the floss dance…

So, another person predictably is now trying to sue Epic Games and Fortnight for “stealing” their dance moves. Funny how they are all now popping out of the woodwork after the game has reached its peak in popularity making millions … Continue reading

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Hitting fictional video game characters is now an act of hate…

Firstly, lady calm your tits and grow a pair of ovaries why don’t you? Secondly how on God’s green earth did you get a gig at the Guardian as a video games editor? And lastly here is the world’s tiniest … Continue reading

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