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Batwoman TV show is bad but not because she’s a lesbian

Yes Paul, the problem is that she is a lesbian not the bad writing and bad acting in the first episode. Because the idea of two hot women making and banging is just revolting to all men! That is why … Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: The Culture War In Full Effect…

This below image is a great example of how critics and the average viewer have finally become completely out of touch with each other when it comes to TV shows and movies: This has now, unfortunately, become commonplace in the … Continue reading

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Witcher Netflix story changes made due to American slavery

I fucken called it didn’t I? Day’s after the announcement of the Netflix Witcher show I had a detailed article on all the red flags that popped up when they announced the TV series.  And the latest series of Tweets … Continue reading

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Witcher TV series brings magic and feminism to fantasy

So basically a version of the Witcher that emphasizes feminism and de-emphasizes Geralt? You know the character the entire franchise revolves around, and I am pretty sure this will sit extremely well with the fanbase as it has with me. … Continue reading

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