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My misgivings regarding The Witcher TV series announcement

Since the announcement yesterday that The Witcher franchise will become made into a series with the help of Netflix, SeanDanielCompany and Andrzej Sapkowski. The internet and The Witcher fandom have gone absolutely nuts, social media was filled with posts made by … Continue reading

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Freddy Lounds: And the sad indictment of journalism

So I have been re-watching the 3 seasons of the Hannibal TV series, and the character of Freddie Louds really struck a cord with me. No because of Lara Jean Chorostecki’s acting skills or how well the character was written by Bryan … Continue reading

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Iron Fist: A sad indictment of mainstream reviewers

So looking at the screen grab below, who would you trust more especially considering how polar opposite the reviews are? The so-called “professional reviewers” whose moral and political soapbox grandstanding takes precedence over doing their actual fucken job which is reviewing a … Continue reading

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This just in: Apparently Rob Schneider is a racist…

Remember when comedy used to be viewed just comedy and humor had no boundaries? Well, I do. And just for the record, I am not a fan of Rob Schneider’s work. I can’t stand the man but calling him out … Continue reading

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Parents Television Council takes issue with The Walking Dead

Really?! A show about a zombie apocalypse, known for it’s over the top gore, with a viewer discretion advisory before every episode is shown. Based off a comic book who contains even more graphic violence and controversial subject matter. What … Continue reading

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