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Bright: Modern day version of LOTR

So if you had to ask me what exactly Bright is, then I would say imagine Lord of The Rings, Elves, Orc’s, Fairies and Centaur’s. Now add a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon and mix in shootouts, car crashes and … Continue reading

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The Punisher [Review] – No Spoilers –

[Pre-Review Note:] Before I start the review, unlike most online review site and publications I am not going to politicize this review, I am not going to turn this review into pro-gun or anti-gun propaganda. I am not going to turn it … Continue reading

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The Evil Within 2 [Review]

“Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department to uncover the truth about the mysterious organization Mobius but continues to be haunted by his experiences at Beacon, the disappearance of … Continue reading

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The sad indictment of video game journalism

Video game journalism is dead, the whole “games need to be easier and more accessible” and gamers are “elitist” and “toxic” for wanting games to be challenging. The whole argument from games journalists comes off as a facade for what really motives … Continue reading

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