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The only Mass Effect: Andromeda review you need to watch!

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A Boy and his Monster: The Last Guardian Review

After more than a decade in development hell, the long awaited Last Guardian has finally been released. And 10 years is a very long time to wait, especially for a video game. 10 years worth of rumors and anticipation. Developed by … Continue reading

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Review (Spoiler Free)

Horizon: Zero Dawn is PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive, and new franchise from developers Guerrilla Games. Better known for the Killzone franchise. Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in a postapocalyptic future, and without spoiling too much an unknown calamity causes human civilization to … Continue reading

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Logan: A Bloody Farewell to the Wolverine

For 17 years, Hugh Jackman has graced our movie screens as one of Marvel’s most badass superheroes. Starring in nine X-Men films over his career, if you count his cameos in First Class and Apocalypse, it’s hard to think of anyone who could replace him … Continue reading

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Abzu: Reviewed (Part Zen, part Journey)

Here I am sitting staring at the blinking cursor, thinking how I can start my review on Abzu. I don’t think any review how long or short can do this game any justice, but I am going to try and … Continue reading

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