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Villains with facial scarring? Not in our entertainment!

“Hello there disfigured and scared people, we have decided that for us to promote body positivity in everyone that we will be erasing you from our movies and television shows. You are welcome, yours sincerely the BFI.” The year is … Continue reading

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Battlefield V: Poltical correctness and historical revisionism

Remember those Battlefield V adverts that said forget everything you knew about history? Well, Electronic Arts and Dice weren’t wrong when they said that, so sit down boys and girls and let me tell you a little World War II … Continue reading

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DICE Celebrates BFV Launch by demonising gamers

This is what the Battlefield 5 launch party looked like. Dice and EA are doubling down on attacking and demonizing gamers who criticized the game for its gender politics. This entire “Battlefield for Everyone” mantra they have taken up is … Continue reading

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Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is problematic…

Yes this is an actual fucken video, I kid you not: Someone took the time out of their busy schedule to create this garbage:

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Gamespot’s amazing review of Darksiders 3

“Darksiders 3 has taken clear inspiration from Dark Souls” Exuberant Combos. Fast Enemies. Regularly found in groups. No stamina meter. So basically NOTHING like the Dark Souls franchise. Out all of the buzzwords the video game journalists use to describe … Continue reading

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Good grief, Charlie Brown is now a racist

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown himself:

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