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Elon Musk gets under journalists skin

[Editorial Note:] I am going to go off on a tangent with the article so please bear with me as I think it fits in nicely with the point I am going to try and make while writing this. So I … Continue reading

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Feminist Frequency: Doesn’t practise what they preach

You don’t seem to get it Carolyn all of you (Feminist Frequency) has rallied and still do behind proper depictions of women in media and video games. Yet here you are making the plus size girl thin, and everyone’s features are … Continue reading

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Totalbiscuit’s death brings out all the anarchist sociopaths

Remember at the start of #Gamergate when journalists and online publications blasted all gamers as being neckbearded men living in their parent’s basement and who had racist, homophobic and misogynistic tendencies? I do, so the irony is not lost on me … Continue reading

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Battlefield 5: Potlically correct warfare

Here is a mind-blowing concept for developers when developing video games based off historical events: How about you make the game historically correct instead of politically correct? There is a quote doing the rounds and I hope I am quoting … Continue reading

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Hurray, another first world problem!

Hurray, another first world problem! Soon you guys will run out of space on the board for pointing out all these “terrible” issues. People find the weirdest things to be upset about on the internet these days. Your life must … Continue reading

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