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Why do comic book costumes look so ridiculous in TV shows?

Ever notice how some TV and movie based off long-running comic book franchises have absolutely fucken terrible costumes, case in point the new CW show Stargirl: This is Wildcat, what on God’s green earth is going on that forehead of … Continue reading

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Multinational corporations don’t care and aren’t your friends

Gather around children I have something I need to tell you about a bunch of multinational corporations and brands. Did you take a seat? Are you nice and comfortable? Good! So listen closely and listen well: Any company, that says … Continue reading

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Paul Feigh still blames everyone else for Ghostbusters failure

Poor Paul Feigh is still struggling with the denial that his Ghost Busters 2016 reboot is still viewed as an objectively bad movie even after 4 years. Paul here is a message just for you: It has now been a … Continue reading

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Irony: Sony and Naughty Dog DMCAing their own account

In a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one at this point, the way Sony and Naughty Dog heavy-handedly went full-on authoritarian in tactics by silencing everyone with false DMCA takedown notices trolls and critics alike has backfired on … Continue reading

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