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Oh no Ghostbusters 3 confirmed…

No no just no! They will ever be able to re-create the¬†Ghostbusters magic of the original movies, even if they had the same cast and they all wanted to be in it and they somehow magically brought Harold Ramis back … Continue reading

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Let us talk about THAT Gillette ad…

I can’t believe I had to lift my knuckles off the floor to sit in front of a laptop, so I can write this. If you haven’t seen the ad yet watch it here and when done read the rest … Continue reading

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“The video games industry needs microtransactions to survive”

“But the video game industry makes no money! They need microtransactions and loot boxes to survive.” So basically, he will get $11.3 million in Activision/Blizzard stock options, a nice $3.75 million sign-on bonus. That is on top of his $900,000 … Continue reading

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Blizzard: Soldier 76 is now officially gay…

And just for the record Blizzard announcing Soldier 76 being gay means absolutely nothing to me as a gamer. When I played the game there was nothing from his character design or back story that gave any indication of his … Continue reading

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Social justice Hulk smash!

This is why modern-day comics are literal garbage and why sales are sinking faster than the Titanic, and then the writers and Marvel wonder why people stopped buying comics. If this was anymore cringeworthy, I would end up rolling my … Continue reading

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Today in video game journalism:

Today in video game journalism, fuck gameplay and challenging video games diversity in video games is a far more important element!¬†The fact that they call themselves journalists is the most insulting thing on the planet, and an insult to actual … Continue reading

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