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There is “nothing” wrong with Bethesda’s graphics engine

Thank God! We have Jason Schreir from Kotaku, here to tell us why using a buggy decades old graphics engine is just fine for a modern-day game. The very same Jason who tried to justify microtransactions and who in the … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter movie: Out of season April´s fools joke?

Remember that Monster Hunter movie, based off the extremely popular video game franchise? The one that they announced back in 2016?  The one being directed and written by Paul W.S. Anderson, the same person responsible for the Resident Evil movies. Well  Milla … Continue reading

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Thrillist delivering some earth-shattering journalism

Stupid shit like this is why I dislike modern day journalism: *Gasp!* So you are telling me since Hollywood’s inception actors have been pretending to be action heroes, singers, writers, plumbers and politicians. Thanks for that earth shattering reveal Thrillist, who … Continue reading

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Stan Lee’s death and dancing on someone’s grave…

Since the proliferation of social media, we’re no longer allowed to mourn the loss of entertainment icons like Stan Lee, instead when an icon like he does there a select few people on social media who right after a person’s … Continue reading

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Diablo Immortal and the Netease Games connection

[Editorial Note:] This article/post isn’t mine but was originally posted on Imgur by a user named: “RichardJokes” you can find the original article here. First off, I would like to say that everything I’m about to tell you is done from amateur … Continue reading

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Yes “Technomasculinity” is now an actual thing…

This has to be satire right I mean Technomasculinity? This has to be one of the stupidest made up terms I have ever heard of. And reading bullshit like this and knowing that society encourages this and there are people out … Continue reading

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