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IGN’s Woke Rambo: Last Blood Review

“Irresponsible politics” is all I need to read to know this review was written by someone who regularly partakes in eating lead paint chips, and huffs his own farts over the weekend. Offensive? Violent? Sign me up! The new movie … Continue reading

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RPG Consent Checklist: Yes it is a real thing…

Someone recently sent me this “RPG consent checklist” that they were presented with when joining a local pen and paper D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) gaming session: At first, I thought it had to be a joke someone quickly sat down … Continue reading

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Opinion: Video Games don’t need an easy mode

Before we start there seems to be a disingenuous straw man being put forward by video game journalists where they conflate accessibility options in video games with difficulty levels, either done out of pure ignorance or out of malice, so … Continue reading

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