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Social Justice: The Musical

That footage makes me unreasonably mad. After all this time I still cannot comprehend how the fuck we come to being so overly politically correct in this day and age, and in such a forward thinking society. Amazing work, definitely going … Continue reading

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This. This right here is awesome

I am glad in this day and age of social justice warrior outcry’s and people getting offended by virtually anything, that there are people who can still make jokes and can take jokes about themselves without the entire internet feeling the … Continue reading

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And you think you were having a bad day…

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Size does matter in Sci-Fi

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Ever wonder where ice cream comes from?

When you’re trying to profit off of poop, your advertising can take the turn for the worst or just the totally wrong. Which is the case with the folks at Squatty Potty. Which was suppose to be an advertisement for potty … Continue reading

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Take a seat son…

Kanye West says he is going to be the next Nelson Mandela…Your wife is a porn star, and your kid is a direction on a compass. Take a seat son.

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