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The “religion of peace” and the endless repeating cycle

By now I am pretty sure that everyone who isn’t living under a rock would be aware of the Finsbury Park attack in the UK. The perpetrator was a white 47-year-old man who drove his van through a group of Muslims … Continue reading

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The FREQ Show: The biggest load of garbage ever…

This video series by the professional victim and con artist Anita Sarkeesian is some of the purest bullshit ever produced by herself and Feminist Frequency. And that statement alone says a lot considering her video game series called Tropes vs Women … Continue reading

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Punching Nazi’s: We have come full circle now

Remember when everyone cheered when supposed Nazi Richard B. Spencer was punched in the face during an interview? Everyone cheered and everyone justified it with their mental gymnastics. Well, surprise surprise the people being called Nazi’s are now punching back at … Continue reading

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Dear Huffington Post South Africa

The idea this article perpetuates is outrageous, not to mention a complete work of fantasy. You simply cannot expect people to just be fine with this style of collective punishment, especially if it is based on race and gender. And … Continue reading

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Xolani Gwala does not understand symbolism

Got to love when radio DJ’s ascend their ivory tower to preach to us common folk from their little soap boxes, as is the case with Xolani Gwala a DJ from a local South African radio station 702. Who does … Continue reading

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