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GOG apologizes to internet wackadoodles for a single Tweet

GOG made a joke about a hashtag that some highly delusional Americans were using because in their little fantasy land of rainbow pooping unicorns they thought a new health care bill was going to eliminate all trans people from America … Continue reading

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Not everything has to have pollical undertones

As a South African and nerd, I really don’t get the Trump derangement syndrome that is currently running rampant in America and in other places in the world. Never mind that everything under the sun now needs to contain political … Continue reading

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Regarding the Jacksonville shooting

So it was only a matter of time before the politicians and the morally outraged attempted to somehow link what happened in the Jacksonville shooting with video games in an effort to stand on their soapbox to preach their political and moral politics. “Oh … Continue reading

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“Woke” racism is still racism.

The New York Times a couple of months back: “Roseanne’s apology is not good enough because her words could embolden other people who think racist thoughts.” The New York Times now: “Oh, Sarah Jeong is REALLY sorry for being so … Continue reading

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Apparently Superman is now a refugee…

Don’t you just love it when a multi-billion dollar company uses a fictional character for blatant self-promotion all while trying to preach moral politics from their soapbox?: And you just love it when they get it this wrong? Superman isn’t … Continue reading

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Welcome to #GamerGate Elon Musk

Remember that article I wrote about Elon Musk making all those dishonest journalists uncomfortable with the mention of him launching a website that would rate their ethics and honest? Well seems the corrupt journalistic machine is now in full swing … Continue reading

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