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Black hole sun… won’t you come…

So incredibly gutted when I heard the news that Chris Cornell died at the age of 52. I spent 10 minutes searching for any sign that this was clickbait bullshit. Sadly I was disappointed. I remember when I was just a … Continue reading

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U2 won’t release new album in 2017 because of Trump’s victory

All I can say is take your time Bono and U2, take a 10-year break or maybe even a 20-year break and spare us from your corporate recycled pop music. It is really amazing the sense of self-importance movie stars … Continue reading

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How not to end your 2016…

Sad that these live performances by these talentless pop artists are so dependent on the technical support. During her performance, she first stated: “We can’t hear“. But the dancers kept dancing so they heard the music. The audience heard music. … Continue reading

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Criticizing Nickleback is apparently bullying

Or so says Avril Lavigne thinks, this past week she lost her shit on social media after the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg a rather tame joke about Nickleback when he was showcasing his automated home system called “Jarvis” a digital … Continue reading

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Is Old School Cool Again?

When one mentions the term “old school” you would usually think of music back in the day. You know; the Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Dire Straits and the list goes on. I know some people, such as myself, have an … Continue reading

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Green Day for the love of God please stop…

Another liberal celebrity painting every  Trump supporter with a broad brush because they and their fragile ego’s can’t accept the election. I have a question, Billy? Do you know every Trump supporter? And they are all uneducated white racist KKK supporters? … Continue reading

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