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Thrillist delivering some earth-shattering journalism

Stupid shit like this is why I dislike modern day journalism: *Gasp!* So you are telling me since Hollywood’s inception actors have been pretending to be action heroes, singers, writers, plumbers and politicians. Thanks for that earth shattering reveal Thrillist, who … Continue reading

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Jezebel fails to understand Nirvana and grunge movement

Firstly, you can fuck right off, you weren’t even born during the grunge period to even know the full extent of Nirvana’s influence on the music and grunge scene during the 90’s. Of course, people like Maria Sherman don’t have the … Continue reading

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Damn ninjas cutting onions!

On Jan 15th, Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries died, her music had a massive impact on me as a teenager growing up. Music and video games were my escapism during my teenage years. I had always loved her music and … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2017 where a haircut makes you a racist Nazi

What a fucken time to be alive, having a certain haircut now makes you a racist Nazi sympathizer. I fucken swear you cannot make this shit up! Pro-tip: Hair cut like skin color doesn’t tell you anything about the person, ignorance breeds racism and bigotry. … Continue reading

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