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Unpopular opinion time

Yesterday evening I learned with much sadness that Chester Bennington the lead singer of Linkin Park due to an apparent suicide. Much like Chris Cornell who died at the age of 52 about two months ago, it seems that Chester was also battling the … Continue reading

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Safe spaces at a metal concert? Has the world has gone mad?

Ah, so it has come to this after I talked about this last year October. In most shows and moshpits I have attended in my life as a metal/punk fan a kind of unspoken etiquette. You as moshers take over his/her own … Continue reading

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Black hole sun… won’t you come…

So incredibly gutted when I heard the news that Chris Cornell died at the age of 52. I spent 10 minutes searching for any sign that this was clickbait bullshit. Sadly I was disappointed. I remember when I was just a … Continue reading

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U2 won’t release new album in 2017 because of Trump’s victory

All I can say is take your time Bono and U2, take a 10-year break or maybe even a 20-year break and spare us from your corporate recycled pop music. It is really amazing the sense of self-importance movie stars … Continue reading

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How not to end your 2016…

Sad that these live performances by these talentless pop artists are so dependent on the technical support. During her performance, she first stated: “We can’t hear“. But the dancers kept dancing so they heard the music. The audience heard music. … Continue reading

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