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Why do comic book costumes look so ridiculous in TV shows?

Ever notice how some TV and movie based off long-running comic book franchises have absolutely fucken terrible costumes, case in point the new CW show Stargirl: This is Wildcat, what on God’s green earth is going on that forehead of … Continue reading

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Paul Feigh still blames everyone else for Ghostbusters failure

Poor Paul Feigh is still struggling with the denial that his Ghost Busters 2016 reboot is still viewed as an objectively bad movie even after 4 years. Paul here is a message just for you: It has now been a … Continue reading

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Justice League: The Snyder Cut media gets it wrong (again)

This article by Collider is irresponsible “journalism” and a pure attack on fandom culture in service of corporate hackery and mismanagement of artists and creatives and their hard work in the industry. It seems to be a re-occurring theme in … Continue reading

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Marvel turned She-Hulk into a raging cave troll…

What the ever loving fuck has happened to She-Hulk recently? She went from being a smart, independent female super hero who knows how to user her brawns and brains: Into some roided out rage machine that now looks like cave … Continue reading

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