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Asian only live action movies do not always equal success

You have to love it when people write something without properly researching it, and then make broad sweeping statements based on only those assumptions. Firstly Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell movie was a western production, while the Fullmetal … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2017, where even clowns get triggered

I cannot make up this shit even if I wanted too. Strange though, the original TV mini-series never garnered the same amount of backlash that the remake is getting now. I have never witnessed so many people get as easily … Continue reading

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Unbaised reviews over politics

So the reviews have been slowly trickling in for the Ghost In The Shell live action adaptation and so far so good considering it is a western remake of a classic Manga/Anime and the entire whitewashing controversy¬†that surrounded the casting … Continue reading

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New images of the Tomb Raider movie reboot released

I usually¬†don’t post these kinds of news articles on my blog since every news website and or gaming website has released the images and done an article on it. But I thought I would make an exception and chime in … Continue reading

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The Matrix Reboot: Why Hollywood?

So it is been announced that there is a Matrix reboot in the works, was I the only one who rolled my eyes at hearing this news? This is just another sign that Hollywood has run out of an original … Continue reading

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