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IGN’s Woke Rambo: Last Blood Review

“Irresponsible politics” is all I need to read to know this review was written by someone who regularly partakes in eating lead paint chips, and huffs his own farts over the weekend. Offensive? Violent? Sign me up! The new movie … Continue reading

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More media madness surrounding the new Joker movie…

Here is the thing these people don’t get, Joker has never been seen as a hero. He is a super-violent criminal suffering from hebephrenic schizophrenia, which made him one of the most iconic villain in comic book history. Remember The … Continue reading

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Woke Twitter has aneurysm over new Joker trailer

And here we go again! Imagine being so intellectually stunted that you are unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality, and then assuming the movie-going public cannot either. Then imagine being one of these “Blue Check Mark” on Twitter and … Continue reading

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