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How society treats male/female sexual predators differently

Am I the only noticing the difference between a male and female sex offender being caught and the media reporting on it and the subsequent comments from the average Joe on the street? Example below:

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Transgender girl on the cover of National Geographic (2017)

Just for the record, I have no issue with the cover itself or the person on said cover. What I do take issue with are parents that have their kids go through these “transgender changes” when they aren’t even 10 … Continue reading

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Is Old School Cool Again?

When one mentions the term “old school” you would usually think of music back in the day. You know; the Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Dire Straits and the list goes on. I know some people, such as myself, have an … Continue reading

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2016: Two kinds of people, two kinds of reactions

This single image pretty much sums up 2016 perfectly. On the on the left, we have the constantly offended and on the right we have people who don’t give a fuck. Before the down of the Social Justice age, you could … Continue reading

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