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The nostalgia trailer

They did an excellent job of throwing in some things that are just obscure enough to boost the nostalgia rockets a little bit more. Even if you have watched a ton of those “Things only 80s/90s kids understand” videos everyone keeps sharing on social … Continue reading

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I am a Pinterest whore and I love it!

Pinterest is my refuge from social media relationship status, check-ins at restaurants, and pictures of kids. I find it more visually engaging than any other social media platform, and not the least bit as annoying as Facebook and Twitter. Being a full addict … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Game Confessions

“Here you can anonymously confess everything you want about the game The Walking Dead by the company Telltale Game” – thewalkingdeadgameconfessions – Pretty much describes what the website is all about, take an image from the walking dead game add your confession to it and submit … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster meets Tom Hiddleston

Ahahaha, what the heck did I just watch? Cookie Monster meets Tom Hiddleston and learns a valuable lesson in self-control when it comes to eating cookies. I haven’t smiled so much in a very long time, if Cookie Monster isn’t careful Loki will … Continue reading

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Deadpool does Robin Thicke “Merc Lines”

Ahaha, this is the best parody version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” yet. The quality of the singing might not be on the same level as the original, but the costumes and the lyrics more than make up for it. … Continue reading

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Everything is better with Nicolas Cage in it

Just a quick warning the video contains some not safe for work langue, so turn down the volume while at work or watch it at home. Nicolas Cage has been in a mega ton of movies, but Movieclips thought they should take it … Continue reading

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