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Am I the only one loving the new “NPC” meme?

The new NPC meme is pretty hilarious, especially how it attempts to explain why Social Justice Warriors all think and act in such a robotic manner. For those none gamers out there NPC stands for “non-player character”, which in video game … Continue reading

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When a meme triggers your snowflake sensibilities

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Apparently only white people profit off memes

Is this an April fools article? Wired, aren’t you guys a bit early for an April fools joke? My eyes rolled so hard they popped right out of my fucken eye sockets when I read this article. Wired I don’t … Continue reading

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And you think you were having a bad day…

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What Pewdiepie is getting wrong about YouTube Red

Pewdiepie misses some very fundamental things when he was talking about YouTube’s new service called Youtube Red, such as that plenty of the ads that gets shown on YouTube do not serve any productive purpose other than YouTube being able to say … Continue reading

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My love hate relationship with Facebook

I really used to love Facebook for what it was a tool to reconnect with so many old friends and relatives. I enjoyed keeping in contact with old school friends and colleagues. We could satisfy our mutual curiosity about each other, after not hearing … Continue reading

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