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Every game has its unique mechanic

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Totally triggered bitches!

In light of recent events regarding the X-Men chocking nonetraversy, here is  a cartoon sketch based off the old Simpsons gag were Homer chokes out Bart. Totally triggered bitches!

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Polygon: How do you turn a PlayStation 4 on?

For those of you not getting the reference, it is basically a double whammy in a single cartoon. The turn me on references an extremely bad article Polygon wrote regarding people who get confused when it comes to the eject and … Continue reading

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“Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered” – Social Justice: The Musical

Holy shit, that was brilliant. This is god-tier trolling, I’ve never been so triggered in my life.

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Do you like Dragons?

So I saw this rather funny image on imgur earlier today, it was pretty funny but I was thinking it can be improved if higher quality images were used and a different style of font was added. Unlike the original image this … Continue reading

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I sexually identify as a Kamov Ka-50 Russian attack helicopter

I have finally found the strength to admit it to you guys and come clean. I was 16 years old and in the middle of puberty when I realized that I am not really a man at heart. But rather a 52 ft Kamov … Continue reading

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