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The problem with Kickstarters

I have come to realize that Kickstarter is kind of the “worst” of both worlds. It’s not a shop, because there are no guarantees and you may well never get what you paid for. It’s not an investment platform because the most … Continue reading

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The Lexus hoverboard is real, but…

Pity that it is only a glorified tech demo for Lexus, and it is definitely not sustainable to use gallons of liquid nitrogen just to hover above a hidden magnetic trail for a few minutes.

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Robert Downey Jr. gives 7-year-old bionic Iron Man arm

In the video above, watch the moving moment when 7-year-old Alex walks into a room to find actor Robert Downey Jr., as his “Iron Man” alter ego, waiting for him. Downey was there to present Alex with a 3D-printed bionic arm, … Continue reading

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HP support you disappoint me…

In the good old words of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”…Not to bore you with the lengthy details and keeping a long story short I do some private work fixing computers … Continue reading

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