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Amazing Dragon Ball Z Fan Film: “Light of Hope”

“Light of Hope is a 35-minute short film based on the Android Saga, which focuses specifically on the future timeline in which Androids 17 and 18 have razed the world, leaving but a few survivors left. After nearly all of the … Continue reading

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“No-A” Amazing short film

No-A is a short student film directed by Liam Murphy. In it, a hulking robot risks everything to save its creator from an army of faceless soldiers. It is an amazing CGI film with some really outstanding designs and effects … Continue reading

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“Anomaly” Independent short film

“Anomaly is an unusual Christmas tale, set in the late 60’s, which tells the story of a group of people connected by the same astronomical event: A frightening meteor that will enter and exit the atmosphere.” That was an amazing … Continue reading

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Amazing trailer for 18th century Batman fan film “Ripper”

Ripper: A Batman Fan Film pits the caped crusader against one of the first serial killers in recorded history. It’s also based on the 1991 Elseworlds adventure, Gotham By Gaslight. The teaser trailer is something really amazing, I really did not expect … Continue reading

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