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Why do comic book costumes look so ridiculous in TV shows?

Ever notice how some TV and movie based off long-running comic book franchises have absolutely fucken terrible costumes, case in point the new CW show Stargirl: This is Wildcat, what on God’s green earth is going on that forehead of … Continue reading

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Belle Delphine my favorite internet troll

Ahegao (Is a term of Japanese pornography describing a facial expression) and “E-Girl” Belle Delphine is quickly becoming one of my favourite internet trolls of all time. She quickly rose to internet stardom by doing lewd (nude and semi-nude) cosplays … Continue reading

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Kids should be taught cultural appropriation this Halloween!

Translation: “How to suck the joy out of everything because you are too concerned with the feelings of an easily offended stranger” Welcome to 2018 where even your kids aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween anymore because of “reasons”. Because the only thing that … Continue reading

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Another shocking article in Sunday Times on Comic Con Africa

This must be a new record for uneducated South Africa journalists, two bad articles about the South African Geek/Nerd movement in two weeks. Expecting these people to even do a simple Google search and 30 minutes of research on the subject … Continue reading

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