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Captain Marvel trailer was rather bland…

Wow… Marvel released a trailer that left me feeling underwhelmed… that’s never happened to me before. Marvel has always had good solid trailers to get you hyped for their movies, but Captain Marvel has to be the blandest trailer I … Continue reading

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Apparently Spider-Man is now problematic

Imagine this being your takeaway from the new Spider-Man game: “They ruined Spider-Man by making him help the NYPD” is an actual take that both the writer and editor thought was good. It is like these people who write these … Continue reading

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Marvel hires an absolute nobody to write for them…

Hey, Marvel, I am open for any job offers from you guys I have always fancied myself a writer at Marvel comics. What about giving me Deadpool? Okay, what about Wolverine? Okay, I will settle for The Hulk. Marvel Comics are … Continue reading

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Ruby Rose: Not lesbian enough for Batwoman role…

Tl;dr: Some Anti- Social Justice Warriors are mad because they literally just learned that Batwoman exists and is gay: Some Social Justice Warriors are pissed because they decided the actress to play Batwoman isn’t gay enough:

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