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Teen Titans: How do you fuck up something so badly?

All I want is an accurate representation of the comic book characters I like when they are making a movie or television show out of a comic book. I mean how hard can that be, and how can you possibly … Continue reading

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The level of wilful ignorance here is astounding…

Salon: “Black Panther’ is the first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center“: The level of willful ignorance on display here by people whose job it is to do research before writing an article is astounding. The exact same … Continue reading

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MSM: “Black Panther star first black superhero ever”

I immediately thought of Michael Jai White in Spawn when I started seeing the headlines in the mainstream media saying that Black Panther’a Chadwick Boseman is first ever black superhero. Why can’t it ever be- “this new black superhero will … Continue reading

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When you are bad at making deceitful propaganda…

What absolute garbage, I would say the exact opposite is true. Imagine for a moment that there are two comic book stalls selling products. You can bring your own stall and sell your own goods. Instead, you chose to insult the … Continue reading

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Feminists now bitching about fictional boob armor…

Have you ever read an article that had your eyes roll so far back in your skull that you could see the back of your head? Well, this article is one of those… Really Comic Book Resources? You have over 1.7 million followers … Continue reading

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