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2017: Marvel finally realized social justice doesn’t sell

Well, imagine my “shock”  that pandering to Social Justice Warriors and the “Alphabet Soup community” backfired terribly on Marvel. Well, not like I saw this coming from a mile away. I mentioned this happening November last year and now it seems to be in full swing with comic … Continue reading

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How I would fix the DC Extended Universe movies

The DCEU universe that DC and Warner Brothers have created the past few years is busy coming down around there heads, especially after the release of The Justice League movie. Here is how I would go about un-fucking what Warner … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade mocks Polygon

When you become the ass end of a joke for a webcomic then you know you have reached a level of integrity in your reporting that can only be matched by the garbage you post on a daily basis.  The fuckin’ replies … Continue reading

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io9’s hot take on The Punisher and Frank Castle

“Frank’s willingness to kill and his ability to outmaneuver virtually everything in the MCU makes seeing him as a hero somewhat difficult.” THAT IS THE ENTIRE FUCKEN POINT OF FRANK CASTLE’S CHARACTER. Where the fuck does io9 find writers like Charles Pulliam-Moore? Because … Continue reading

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When trying to shame male comic book artists backfires…

When you try and smear male comic book artists but instead highlight the decline in artistic skill in today’s comic book industry. Most of the garbage artwork DC pushes out these days is boring and uninspired. It’s taking the gritty and … Continue reading

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