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When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy?

Question? When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy? I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, but I am slowly losing respect for her as a person and a writer. She went from a respected writer to another rich … Continue reading

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Suitably Bored’s year in review (2015)

So I thought it would be nice to have a post that summarizes all the things that happened on my blog in 2015, giving you some highs and lows when it comes to anything geek related. Including movies,series,gaming and everything … Continue reading

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The Stephen King musical is an actual thing

Colour me interested! One of my all-time favourite authors being involved in a gothic supernatural musical that is not glee. And no this is most definitely not a joke, and it is definitely way too late for an April fool’s … Continue reading

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Odd Thomas is getting the movie makeover!

The producers of the movie have been struggling to get the movie released in theaters due to a legal battle surrounding Outsource Media Group who pledged 25 million dollars in print and advertising to support a release of Odd Thomas in theathers. … Continue reading

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