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Imagine calling Tolkien the father of Fantasy “Some Dead Guy”

Imagine thinking Tolkien are some “dead guys”. It is not like he is one of the most well respected, popular and best selling fantasy writer or anything. And he is largely the reason that fantasy genre become as popular as … Continue reading

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2018: The year of “sensitivity readers”

For those who don’t know what a “sensitivity reader” is they will basically scan any book for racist, sexist and or offensive content. While “sensitivity readers” is nothing new in the world of books they have gained some popularity in the last couple … Continue reading

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Fictional characters aren’t a moral compass for a fandom

No, no just no! And yes most sane fans of Rick and Morty and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World knows that these FICTIONAL characters aren’t people you should not idolize or look up to in the real world. No one wakes up one … Continue reading

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When trying to shame male comic book artists backfires…

When you try and smear male comic book artists but instead highlight the decline in artistic skill in today’s comic book industry. Most of the garbage artwork DC pushes out these days is boring and uninspired. It’s taking the gritty and … Continue reading

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