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Crunchyroll’s “original” and “diverse” anime looks terrible…

Crunchyroll has announced that they’ll be making original “western Anime” I wonder how it is going to loo…Oh. Never mind: Dear god, all I can say is don’t let this represent Western Animation PLEASE! “Our characters are diverse.” Means they are the … Continue reading

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HTTYD: The battle for Toothless sexuality

Welcome to the year 2018, where people are arguing over the sexuality of a fictional dragon in an animated movie. Please tell me how critics of diversity for the sake of diversity are pathetic again? Imagine having enough time in your life … Continue reading

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What the fuck did they do to the ThunderCats?!

So I have a serious question, how the fuck did the ThunderCats go from this: To this:

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Upcoming animated Spiderman movie looks amazing

Can I just say for the record that the trailer for Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse absolutely blew me away, I had absolutely no idea that Sony, Columbia, Sony Animation and Marvel were working on this project. And even more surprising is … Continue reading

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Amazing Dragon Ball Z Fan Film: “Light of Hope”

“Light of Hope is a 35-minute short film based on the Android Saga, which focuses specifically on the future timeline in which Androids 17 and 18 have razed the world, leaving but a few survivors left. After nearly all of the … Continue reading

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Fictional characters aren’t a moral compass for a fandom

No, no just no! And yes most sane fans of Rick and Morty and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World knows that these FICTIONAL characters aren’t people you should not idolize or look up to in the real world. No one wakes up one … Continue reading

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