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Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaption is heading for a crash…

Remember back in 2018 when they announced that Netflix will produce a live-action Cowboy Bebop? Remember how earlier this year red flags started popping up during the production? It first started with producer Grillo-Marxuach explaining that his version of Cowboy … Continue reading

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Former Vegeta voice actor turns out to be asshole…

So former Dragon Ball Z Vegeta voice actor Brian Drummond rejects a fan’s gift after judging a fan’s “offensive” Twitter timeline. Basically, a Twitter artist made a mug for Brian Drummond, the voice actor who plays Vegeta on DBZ, and … Continue reading

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Warner Bros takes away Elmer Fudds open carry license

Honestly, sometimes I cannot tell if shit like this is real or not and then I realize we are living in 2020 where everything is watered down to appease the woke brigade who are all part of the church or … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop live action going as “well” as you would expect

Oh boy, I did not want to write anything about the current live-action Cowboy Bebop movie that is in production over at Netflix not until I heard more news on how the production was going. So sorry to be the … Continue reading

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