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Crunchyroll’s “original” and “diverse” anime looks terrible…

Crunchyroll has announced that they’ll be making original “western Anime” I wonder how it is going to loo…Oh. Never mind: Dear god, all I can say is don’t let this represent Western Animation PLEASE! “Our characters are diverse.” Means they are the … Continue reading

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HTTYD: The battle for Toothless sexuality

Welcome to the year 2018, where people are arguing over the sexuality of a fictional dragon in an animated movie. Please tell me how critics of diversity for the sake of diversity are pathetic again? Imagine having enough time in your life … Continue reading

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What the fuck did they do to the ThunderCats?!

So I have a serious question, how the fuck did the ThunderCats go from this: To this:

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Upcoming animated Spiderman movie looks amazing

Can I just say for the record that the trailer for Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse absolutely blew me away, I had absolutely no idea that Sony, Columbia, Sony Animation and Marvel were working on this project. And even more surprising is … Continue reading

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