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D&D: Not just for beardy boys in the basement anymore

“Dungeon and Dragons is not just for a bunch of beardy boys in the basement, it’s for everybody and anybody.” You open your argument with a put down on the entire hobby then demand they be more diverse. Funnily enough, … Continue reading

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Comparing Untitled Goose Game to GTA and Postal…

Whenever I see articles like these I wonder how the authors can deal with any real-life situations, when they have such a fragile narrow view on things like violence in video games. The moment he opened a sentence with “Now, … Continue reading

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The Moral Bankruptcy Of Blizzard

So Blizzard has finally released a statement in regards to the controversy surrounding Hearthstone player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung But before we start there were a few interesting developments after the fact. The most popular opinion I have seen people have … Continue reading

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Batwoman TV show is bad but not because she’s a lesbian

Yes Paul, the problem is that she is a lesbian not the bad writing and bad acting in the first episode. Because the idea of two hot women making and banging is just revolting to all men! That is why … Continue reading

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