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Kids should be thought cultural appropriation this Halloween!

Translation: “How to suck the joy out of everything because you are too concerned with the feelings of an easily offended stranger” Welcome to 2018 where even your kids aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween anymore because of “reasons”. Because the only thing that … Continue reading

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Am I the only one loving the new “NPC” meme?

The new NPC meme is pretty hilarious, especially how it attempts to explain why Social Justice Warriors all think and act in such a robotic manner. For those none gamers out there NPC stands for “non-player character”, which in video game … Continue reading

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Apparently Tomb Raider’s death sequences are outdated…

You know what is outdated to me as a gamer? Video game journalists and people being overly sensitive about gratuitous violence in media and video games. The way Lara dies in the game is perfectly realistic given the situations she … Continue reading

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Video game journalism is now writing about cock…

Video game “journalism” at its finest folks, this is the level of intellectualism we can now expect from these so-called “journalists” and WOW PC Gamer sure has fallen to levels that not even I expected from them. I am sorry, but did … Continue reading

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