TheGamer: CD Projekt Red “dog whistling” to the alt-right

We aren’t even a full two months into 2020, and we already have a contender for the worst written hit piece. This was extremely painful to read, not to mention slanderous and hateful towards CD Projeckt Red and the fandom who have supported them for years:

Only one popular game? Patrick Tierney how the fuck do you get a writing position at a gaming centric website and not know that the reason Witcher 3 reached the levels of popularity it did was because of the cult following of the previous two games?

Did you just compare Blizzard and Bethesda who regulary launching bug ridden piles of unfinished garbage hard coded with predatory monetization in them to CDPR?

Yes , with the release of The Witcher 3 their popularity as a developer flourished, and idolizing a company isn’t healthy for the fandom or for the developer. That said however, I do trust them to deliver on the promises being made with Cyberpunk 2077. And based on what I have seen so far, it is pretty unlikely to disappoint.

How can I put this in laymens terms? Patrick over here is making the accusation of dog whistling which is the when a person accuses someone of using innocent (seeming) speech, indistinguishable from genuinely normal speech, for the purposes to signal to the American white nationalist movement. Having said that accusations of dog whistling is a pretty serious accusation to make, warranting equally serious evidence, which I doubt Patrick has. The accusation of being secretly bigoted and racist could be very damaging to the reputation of a person and or company due to the difficulty of disproving it. But I think Patrick knew this when making those accusations.

And the supposed transphobia joke in question? Did you just assume their gender?! A phrase that had its origins in a parody of gender and identity politics that are becoming the norm on social media these days. And basically turned into an internet meme:

The joke is about as offensive as peanut butter on toast and as old as the mountains themselves. I don’t think I have ever heard someone use the exact term seriously…

I am so sick and tired of this “crunch time” articles and the bullshit these video game journalists write about. And no not because it’s a real issue in the industry but because these video game journalists act as if the video gaming industry is the only unique industry that has these problems. Go talk to any graphic designer or any other creative profession, hell even IT professionals go through the same shit. The gaming industry is not alone in this type of practice. It has been happening for years, centuries. The bigger question is there a way to change this situation.

Imagine un-ironically calling a company and the people who work for that company alt-right supporters without a shred of actual evidence. So I am calling out this bullshit, Patrick Tierney and TheGamer do you have any actual physical evidence that CD Projekt Red has been secretly “dog whistling” to the alt-right beyond some edgy tweets?

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