The Questionable Ethics of Laura Kate Dale and Kotaku UK

Well, this kind of inept display of video game journalism should not be a surprise to anyone anymore, but this article by Laura Kate Dale and Kotaku UK is an act of bad faith:

They have absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever and will publish anything just to get a few extra clicks. And my favorite part is that they still maintain even when called out on it that the entire article wasn’t just a false reactionary, under the pretense: “well maybe were wrong.” For those living under a rock the last couple of days. Kotaku’s Laura Kate Dale published an article accusing Nintendo of having a disability slur in one of the songs that played in their latest Persona 5 DLC, and the slur in question? “Retard”.

And the most ironic part of this entire debacle? They tried to claim something in the game is ableist because they could not clearly understand what a Japanese woman was singing in English. And that ironically is pretty damn racist, and they further dug their own graves by not waiting for Nintendo to actually respond before publishing said article. And when they realized the slur was a slight Japanese mispronunciation of “re-target” it took them almost 8 hours to amend the article. Using the excuse that the website’s software, in this case, CMS took 8 hours to update the article. And the other excuses also came rolling in which included that she was not in control of publishing the final article.

But isn’t she the editor for Kotaku UK? Doesn’t that give her some power over what and when something gets published? But this seems to be a prevailing trend for video game journalists these days, no responsibility or accountability from any of them. It is all about who can post a big headline first and the fastest, doing research and confirming sources be damned. And like a rat, Laura Kate Dale fled social media, because that has been her modus operandi for the last couple of years:

She would write an obviously false and inflammatory article, and when people started calling out Kotaku and Laura Kate Dale, she would flee the scene only to return a few months later with another garbage article. So, it also comes as no real surprise that she was blacklisted by Nintendo back in 2017 for posting fake leaks about the Switch because she was mad, she did not get invited to the reveal event:

And this isn’t the first time or second time or even the third time this has happened, it is like they want to control Nintendo and Atlus even though they remain beyond their control. And it has become pretty evident that they want to distort the games to suit their political agendas, by creating a public outcry against them:

But then again Laura Kate Dale isn’t a very nice person to begin with, back in 2013 she tried to end Fraser Millward’s career claiming he supposedly called her he, this one, it and thing on stage at Eurogamer Expo 2013. But the thing is her claims of dehumanization as she put it never happened. Turns out for some reason she made all those false claims. She later retracted her claim and the entire thing was swept under the rug and Laura scuttled back into her hole like the rat she is.

She also made a false kidnapping claim of being supposedly kidnapped by an Uber driver at a 2016 E3 event. But strangely enough, she did not file any police reports, did not try and call for help while the attempted kidnapping was happening. But she was able to Tweet about afterward. And when pressed for actual evidence she brushed it aside playing the victim card:

Then there was TotalBiscuit, who considered Laura Kate Dale a close friend, till Laura’s pretend friends told her to break ties with him because she dared write an article about him painting him in a positive light even though he was a GamerGate supporter and we all know how supposedly evil those people where right?

They told her that it would damage her career as a make-believe journalist at Kotaku should she decide to stay his friend. And mere months before his death due to cancer she disavowed his as a friend and cut all ties with him, and the saddest thing she did not even acknowledge his death the day it happened:

Even though he stood up for her multiple times on social media. And the very same people who recommended she discontinue her friendship with TotalBiscuit where the ones who upon his hearing about his death celebrated it like you would celebrate someone birthday:

And the grand irony in all of this is that she threw her best friend TotalBiscuit under the bus to further her career only to be thrown under the bus by Kotaku placing a gag order on her regarding the article she wrote:

The person who threw someone under the bus ends up under the bus herself that is some inferno level of irony right there. Her repeated lying and bad ethics in video game journalism make me believe absolutely nothing that comes out of her mouth or her articles. She failed even the most basic of journalistic basics, waiting for a reply from the publishers before posting the article. Or even looking up a basic transcript of the song’s lyrics before deciding that it was offensive. But this is par for the course for Kotaku staff members, it is a cesspool of a publication with unstable narcissists parading around pretending to be journalists.

[Editorial Note:] Game journalist writes a monstrously false article. Game journalist and Kotaku get called out for it. Kotaku and game journalists double down on what they lied about. Just another day at Kotaku and yet another low for video game journalism.

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