Gamers have the worst memory I swear…

For the love of God, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has yet to get any gameplay footage yet you can already pre-order it:

Pre-ordering a game with no gameplay footage, and we have no other details whatsoever other than ‘now in development’ is fucken retarded. Irrespective whether or not you love the franchise and the developer. And I have discussed this before so I will repeat myself: STOP FUCKEN PRE-ORDERING VIDEO GAMES! You are giving your money to a company for a product that is yet to be finished or released, what other industry other than the video game industry would allow this? This past 5 years I have made it my priority to avoid pre-ordering video games, and it has already saved me from some very big disappointments including buying into the lie that was No Man’s Sky.

llpl2rtzckexAnd I am pretty sure this mentality will save me plenty of cash and mental grief in the near future, but it seems some people have not reached enlightenment just yet and keep running into the same brick wall over and over again. I have mostly contained my “FOMO”(Fear Of Missing Out) the entirety of the 5 years so far, sure I might not get the game on release day. And sure I might only get it a month down the line. But I think it is a small price to pay. You are basically paying someone to deliver something without knowing what the quality of the end product would be like, and you are giving them money up-front for work that is not completed yet.


So now that they have your money what possible motivation do they need to hand over a working, bug-free product? But I can already see people saying: “But I pre-order to make sure I can get a copy of a game before it is sold out.” While that might have been true 10 or more years ago, that is hardly the case these days. With millions of copies flooding the market once the game has gone gold, especially if it is a AAA blockbuster release. Another excuse I hear often is: “I pre-order for all those pre-order bonuses I receive.” You mean that little trinket you get with the game that has the mass produced quality of a lucky packet toy? And the thing that troubles me the most is that there is still a massive amount of people who buy into this business model, knowing full well that they are part of the problem and they don’t even seem to care about it…

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