Uh-Oh Dragon Age 4 seems to be in trouble…

Oh boy, this isn’t going to end well for Bioware, considering the backlash Anthem has received since its rather troubled and stunted release a few months back:

And it is exactly as I predicted in an earlier article a few months back. Bioware is actually going out of their way to actually repeat mistakes they made with Anthem. It is fuckin unbelievable, they are actually planning and going out of their way to repeating the same mistakes. I mean you might as well aim a bit higher and shoot yourself in the head instead of the foot:

Getting shot in the head would be a mercy killing for Bioware at this point, who since Electronic Arts acquisition has been in a slow and steady decline. And would explain the “Games as a Service” push, EA wanting to pillage what is left of the Bioware corpse. This is the exact same problem they had with Anthem. They keep changing the games development route over and over and rebooting the development and it always steers towards “Games as a Service” as this in-depth article states. Games as a service do not work for a single player role-playing video game. ESPECIALLY not a game that has such a rich heritage as Dragon Age. Having said that how does anyone have any hope for a new Dragon Age game after the rather mediocre games preceding Origins is beyond me.

Considering the fact that Mike Laidlaw, who was a large part of the Dragon Age series, left to go to Ubisoft would have been the first of many warnings about the franchise’s future. But their core problem here seems to be Electronic Arts and Bioware management fucking around. They need to produce games to stay in business, we have seen how quickly Electronic Arts axes developers who don’t bring in enough money for them. In this case, with two critical failures in the last few years and seemingly endless problems inside of the company itself this game being there last doesn’t seem so far-fetched. but I think the writing is on the wall for Bioware at this point. And I already see the hardened Bioware fanboys clamoring to defend them. Do these people really think the next Dragon Age will be a good game when you consider the current state Bioware is in right now?

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  1. Prophet says:

    It’s just the wrong people, in the wrong places making the wrong choices. Classic 101 development situation queuing Vasa syndrome(s).

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