Video Game Journalist: I cheated, and I feel no shame…

Imagine being so bad at your job which is reviewing games that you cheat to finish the game and then write an article about it seemingly gloating about the fact:

But having the audacity to post articles on giving combat tips on how to play the gamer properly, when they themselves cannot even complete the game. This is the epitome of modern-day video game journalism and why it has become a joke in the gaming industry:

“But why should it matter that he cheated” you might ask? It matters because he is a video game journalist, playing and finishing video games is his job. Imagine for a moment it was any other job, where he was unable to do his job properly, so he cheated, and then walked around the office bragging about it. He would have had his sorry ass fired not 10 minutes are the fact. If you’re a video game reviewer/writer, it is your job to judge the video game in an unbiased manner. So, if you can’t beat a boss without cheating, you are not doing it how the game intended so you didn’t experience the actual boss fight. The worst part is that they are unintentionally admitting their review of that game isn’t reliable seeing that they cheated at the final boss.

But to be fair, most game journalists have given up on doing their jobs properly so we should not be surprised that they even had the foresight to want to cheat to finish the game. Back in the day video game journalism was practiced by gaming enthusiast, not people who can’t find work with their gender studies degrees. So, they took a job as a video game journalist instead, which is why we get garbage articles like these. “But you don’t need to be good at video games to review them” If they aren’t good at video games why should I trust them to review video games then? If someone sucks ass at fishing, I am sure as shit not going to trust them with giving me fishing advice. If this had been called “I can’t beat Sekiro’s final boss and I feel fine” the reception would have been a lot better.

And here is the thing: The final boss in Sekiro is a culmination of everything you learned from all the other bosses and enemies in the game up and till this point. If you practiced and mastered parry which isn’t really very hard, and your muscle memory kicked in then the final boss fight isn’t that bad. But by the looks of it, you never bothered to put in the time and effort into learning the games combat system. And this is literally the basis for each and every FromSoftware game ever, you learn the mechanics of the game by getting killed. Death isn’t a punishment it is a lesson, and if you are actually paying attention then you learn from that lesson and use that lesson to overcome the challenge of the game. And by cheating, you basically ruined that joy of finally doing it right.

[Editorial Note:] I have no issues with the normal run of the mill gamers who uses cheats, but when your role/position entails reviewing games and then recommending them to people I expect you to be good at your job.

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