Why you should be worried about Epic Games timed exclusives

Now don’t get me wrong I am perfectly fine with healthy competition between digital distribution platforms. It helps keeps prices competitive and gives gamers more choice at the end of the day. What is not okay is this exclusivity that forces people to install a specific app so they can buy a specific game. A game that should also be available on the other digital storefronts. Taking away customer choice with exclusives is called a monopoly, not competition, If anything, that’s trying to beat a monopoly with another monopoly. Sorry, but taking games that were promised to be on select stores and putting them behind timed exclusives isn’t competition. And the reason why the Epic Store keeps pulling this shit? Because they simply cannot compete against Steam because it’s an inferior service.

If say tomorrow Steam announced that developers would receive the same cut on game sales as that which the Epic Game store offers that would be the end of Epic Games attempt. That alone says a lot about just how subpar the Epic Game Store is at the moment. And the fact that the Epic Games store is missing more than a dozen features which should be standard for most digital platforms these days already puts me off from using them. Having said that storefront exclusivity can go away. I am not interested in Storefront Wars as a sequel to the retarded Console Wars. I think gamers should stop rewarding this type of behavior and instead focus on digital storefronts that provide a better shopping experience through better service, policy, or prices. Something that the Epic store cannot provide at the moment.

If Epic is interested in creating a digital distribution platform that every gamer wants to use, then stop poaching beloved franchises and making them timed exclusives. Instead focus on a storefront that’s worth using, rather than the steaming pile of garbage it currently is. And I don’t know about you guys, but I intently dislike the idea of having a game of a series on a different platform than the rest. Digital storefronts should strive to offer consumers the most varied choices and not limit them in anyway way. Valve and GoG has given us these types of options to cater their storefronts to our tastes, that’s why they have such a big cut of the market. Epic Games clearly doesn’t have the consumers best interests at heart by doing this. This is just a new kind of monopoly, where they are using their money to make certain games timed exclusives on their platform.

And not only does this hurt the consumer, but the developers as well imagine the following scenario: Aside from store-branded products, I can go to any general video game retailer for any video game titles. There are no video games, for example, that are exclusive to shop A that I cannot get at shop B. The minute someone decides to make something exclusive to shop A I am left making the decision to either go without the video game, or go to shop A. And since I really don’t go to A for anything for whatever reason, I am likely not to buy it, and publishers/developers effectively just lost a sale. The best solution when it comes to video game distribution is to make it available across as many platforms as possible, that way you maximize your profits and you give gamers more choice when buying your games.

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