Imagine calling Tolkien the father of Fantasy “Some Dead Guy”

Imagine thinking Tolkien are some “dead guys”. It is not like he is one of the most well respected, popular and best selling fantasy writer or anything. And he is largely the reason that fantasy genre become as popular as it currently is:

He created a whole world with rich story, languages, maps and so much more. And what people like Fonda Lee fail to realize is authors like Tolkien set the standard for fantasy writing, that is why his books take up so much shelf space. Furthermore, if you are being beaten by “some dead guy” then maybe you aren’t such a good writer after all. Tolkein was nominated for a Nobel prize in literature by CW Lewis and was the second most read book during the 20th century in Western countries after the Bible. Consider that for a few minutes. This is a prime example of participation trophy culture these people where raised in.

They don’t want to work for fame, they want it handed to them on a silver platter all nicely wrapped up in a bow. This is also a case of a modern-day fantasy writer who doesn’t appreciate the foundation that was built for her to sell her own books. The absolute arrogance of a book shop placing the most profitable and popular series on display. Publishers need to decide what is more important, customers who actually read and spend money or some niche writer who writes Tumblr fanfiction for a dozen people.  I love it when these people complain about living in a meritocracy and basically flat out admitting they don’t want equal opportunity, just equal outcome without all the hard work.

[Editorial Note:] The fact that I don’t know who Fonda Lee is and what she has written speak volumes on her status as a fantasy writer.

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  1. vetusan says:

    Oh look, another untalented commie complaining about their shitty products not selling.

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