Revisiting anti-consumer behavior by EpicGames

So it seems my concerns regarding Epic Games anti-consumer behavior was not totally unfounded in an article I wrote a few months back. As it turns out Epic Games is partly owned by Tencent (50%) and has sunk as much as $330 million into Epic Games. There was a rumor floating around in late 2018 that Tencent had access to user data through the Epic Games Store. Well, it turns out that Epic Games Store data mines Steam users data. Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information by using software to look for patterns, in this instance peoples buying and spending habits etc. And this isn’t the first time Tencent have been involved in such allegations, in 2018 they denied having access and using data from WeChat users.

If this is true or not, the process of data mining itself is a pretty scummy thing to do especially if you are doing it to your competition. Then there was the recent announcement that Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds will be a one year timed exclusive. This isn’t competition nor is it healthy. Competition in a market is two online storefront having the same item and giving you the incentive to buy from them. Taking away customer choice with exclusives is called a monopoly, not competition, If anything, that’s trying to beat a monopoly with another monopoly. Sorry, but taking games that were promised to be on select stores and putting them behind timed exclusives isn’t competition. And the reason why the Epic Store keeps pulling this shit?

Because they simply cannot compete against Steam because it’s an inferior service. If say tomorrow Steam announced that developers would receive the same cut on game sales as that which the Epic Game store offers that would be the end of Epic Games attempt. That alone says a lot about just how subpar the Epic Game Store is at the moment. And the fact that the Epic Games store is missing more than a dozen features which should be standard for most digital platforms these days already puts me off from using them. But the number one reasoning for me not using them at all is not allowing user reviews for the games they are selling on their platform. And I cannot honestly be bothered to create another account for yet another digital storefront that uses a different launcher when.

The entire point that makes Steam so attractive is that you have all of your games in one place and that you can manage all of them from a single application. Wonder what’s going to happen when Epic finally runs out of the money, they made out of Fortnite money and can’t afford to buy timed exclusives anymore. They sure aren’t adding features to make their storefront more enticing than what Steam is offering. Having said that storefront exclusivity can go away. I am not interested in Storefront Wars as a sequel to the retarded Console Wars. Then there was CEO Tim Sweeney’s rather arrogant statement that somehow, they are making the industry a better place for us gamers without us evening seeing that. Tim my dear fellow we actually do see. We see exactly what Epic is doing, which is why we don’t like it.

You know, his comments remind me of a husband: “Only I know what’s best for you and in the end, you will thank me!” Sweeney is just another in a long line of people and companies to piss off and on potential customers because things aren’t going the way Epic and Tencent imagined it would go. Epic Games clearly doesn’t have the consumers best interests at heart by doing this. This is just a new kind of monopoly. Mark my words this will be dividing PC gaming just as console exclusives are dividing the console fanbase and having people buy multiple consoles to play only a handful of titles. Exclusivity is never a benefit…

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