Mosque shooting in New Zealand must be PewDiePie!

Jesus fuckin Christ it always happens like clockwork, somewhere in the world a guy shoots up a school or in this case Mosque in New Zealand, and the first thing the media and the mindless sheep who consume the news do is blame everything else, except the fuckin shooter who killed the people. In this case the wackadoodle who shot up the Mosque said: “Subscribe to PewDiePie” before live streaming the shooting. And as you would have guessed the media jumped on it like clockwork because we all know they have a pretty big hate boner for PewDiePieFirst, we got the passive aggressive articles:

Where writer Garrett Martin repeatedly states that they don’t believe that PewDiePie is responsible for the man’s actions. But then in the same breath states that he somehow enabled this man’s actions because he was a supposed subscriber to his channel:

You know what the shooter also most likely enjoyed? A cup of coffee should we now hold coffee companies responsible for what clearly is the actions of an insane man? I think not! They then go onto imply that it was an attempt by this person to radicalize some of PewDiePie’s fans:

Like any sane person would look at the footage of this person shooting up the Mosque and think: “He was a PewDiePie subscriber, shooting up a Mosque seems like a cool thing to do let’s go try it!”  That isn’t how radicalization works you fucken idiot. Radicalization a process by which an individual like the Mosque shooter, comes to adopt an increasingly extreme political, social, or religious views. Because as we know PewDiePie espouses those types of views in his videos and encourages them. [Sarcasm]

I think its abysmal and abhorrent to put PewDiePie in the title of the headline, and in doing so getting people to click on this article. And it is feeding into exactly what the attackers would have wanted in the first place. Diverting from the actual event that has happened in an attempting to glorify it and implicate someone else while doing it. It seems extremely distasteful considering how soon this incident has happened. What was the point of putting his name in the headline, other than making it more clickbaity than it already is? Why not instead mention the fact that it was livestreamed on Facebook for 18 minutes? Because that certainly is more shocking than having someone say: “Subscribe to PewDiePie” before killing people.

Then there was the usual fart huffing crayon eating reactions on social media, calling people like PewDiePie and Ben Shapiro “Islamophobic Pundits” whatever the fuck that means. And of course, the dead horse that was beaten to death years ago also gets dragged out for a good flogging:

So the dead horse that is nerd culture and #GamerGate gets dug up again so they can beat it one last time, or until the next mass shooting happens. And then there where the usual bunch of suspects:

Tariq Nasheed (blue checkmark):

The white supremacists who carried out the killings at Christchurch in New Zealand yelled “subscribe to PewDiePie” before the shootings. I have tweeted for years warning people about PewDiePie’s dangerous rhetoric/connections

Andrew Todd (blue checkmark)

The Christchurch shooter posted a manifesto on 8chan and shouted “subscribe to PewDiePie” before opening fire on the mosque, livestreaming the whole thing. The internet is 1000% a vehicle for right-wing radicalisation.

Fuck you, PewDiePie fans. Your boy has had too many racism/Nazism scandals to write off as coincidence or “edgy” comedy. His “jokes” aren’t funny and he’s fucking trash.

It is absolutely mind boggling how easily these people use a tragedy like this to gravestand, just so they can take a few shots at someone they dislike. And none of them actually gives a single shit about the shooting or the people involved, if in fact they did they would not have used this awful situation to take a few cheap shots at PewDiePie. Don’t encourage future shooters by promising them the same level of fame and attention. Instead, encourage them to talk about the victims, the school, the families, everything but what the shooter wanted. Don’t make the story about him.  Focus on the victims. Focus on not sensationalizing the murder. You (the media) are becoming part of the fucken problem…

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