Captain Marvel: Silencing Dissenting Voices

Wow, this isn’t like I predicted this was going to happen? Like clockwork, the exact same thing that happened with 2016 all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters is now happening with Captain Marvel. Anyone and everyone who has anything negative to say about the movie is now being classified as being a white, angry incel, sexist manbaby trolls. There is a trend in popular media right now that if you aren’t hyping up something and saying positive things, then you should keep your opinions and negativity (honest personal criticism) to yourself.

If someone criticizing a movie elicits such a reaction from you then maybe you were never actually looking forward said movie in the first place. The fact that you somehow need to feel validated to watch and enjoy a piece of media is extremely telling. These are the same people who call people incels/misogynists/sexists/anti-women/trolls. Who falsely assume that every person who criticizes a piece of media is a straight white male. Who supported Rotten Tomatoes removing over 54 000 (supposed) negative reviews all from supposed trolls:

Rottentomatoes, Captain Marvel audience score, nothing suspicious going on here:

But strangely enough the very same people are happy with a movie having fake positive reviews, which is just as much of a problem that fake negative reviews. Only difference here is these don’t bother them because it validates their opinions on the movie:

But it doesn’t stop there, even YouTube got in on the action and manipulated its own search engine algorithm, so it could push only the positive videos of Captain Marvel. So it went from looking like this:

And after a few hours and Google’s tweaks to the search algorithm it looked like this:

What a time to be alive in where we live in a society where any and all forms of criticisms are now being supressed, because people cannot handle any negative comments. I wonder if those who are in favour of basically “censoring” negative feedback and who have been cheering on these changes will have the same reaction when the shoe is on the other foot…

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  1. Prophet says:

    Minorities creating and controlling reality. Especially if they can set the narrative to meet their needs. Of course they don’t have to look too far with the now-generation living their socially networked lives from the hive. haha.

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