Disney and Marvels corporate necrophilia

Ah, good old Disney and Marvel! Nothing like using a dead man’s Twitter account so you can sell and advertise your product to social media users. Just so you can make a few extra dollars off his legacy and infamy, how fuckin morbid and disgusting is this:

But then again, I also blame POW! Entertainment who is now being run by Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman a company started by above-mentioned people and Stan Lee. Remember how when they lost control over Stan Lee’s Twitter account the promises they made towards his fans regarding his Twitter account? I do:

“Hey, Stan Lee fans! POW Entertainment here, we have necro’d Stan Lee’s account, so we can attach a pair of strings to his corpse and making him dance like a puppet.” By all means, use his Twitter account to pay tribute to his history at Marvel and his legacy, but for fuck sake why are you using his account to sell shit? Not only is it downright morbid but also pretty disgusting seeing his legacy on social media now being treated as a glorified advertising account. And them using it to promote the MCU after his passing feels wildly inappropriate to say the very least. I think this comic sums up my feelings pretty well:

This is nauseating commercialism at its peak. The people at Marvel and Disney have no morality the only thing they follow is the money. You know what would have been the respectful thing to do? Deactivate Stan Lee’s Twitter account to lay it to rest with Stan Lee, that way no one can use his Twitter account anymore for their own selfish financial gain…

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