Anthem: End of the line for BioWare?

Oh, boy things aren’t looking so well for Bioware’s latest game “Anthem” remember when Drew Karpyshyn left Bioware’s Anthem writing team? Remember how I speculated that it could mean trouble for the game’s story? Seems I was correct in my assumptions. Check out the amazing selection of dialog options in Anthem versus say Dragon Age:

The story isn’t the only thing being slammed by most reviewer that reviewed Anthem:

So the lack of story and ultimately the disjointedness of it all would Drew Karpyshyn be a contributing factor to the lack of story in Anthem? And speaking of reviews:

It is currently being absolutely mauled, in both mainstream media reviews and user reviews. This is rather ironic considering that their last game Mass Effect Andromeda, which Bioware claimed was produced and created by their “B-Team” is outperforming the offering of their supposed “A-Team”:

Bioware Montreal was the B-team put together to work on Andromeda while Edmonton developed Anthem. The B-team which had no purpose other than developing Andromeda as we all know by now has been closed down. And that is not even discounting the fact that Anthem has sold 50% less than Andromeda in the UK at least:

And do you remember how I also speculated that Anthem would be in the same trouble as Andromeda due to outside interference from people like Anita Sarkeesian:

Remember how many red flags went up for me when they stated that Anthem will be a and I quote: “10 Year Journey” They looked at Destiny and said: “Hey guys, that Destiny game is really popular. We need to come up with our own Destiny.”:

And remember how Anthem got delayed by almost a year right after the announcement was made at E3 2017? Remember how the Electronic Art’s executives tried to downplay the delay as people trying to look for a story that wasn’t there? “People are trying to create a story,” Jorgensen told the Journal, denying reports Anthem was delayed.”

Speak of E3 2017, remember the reveal trailer we got? Well, it seems Bioware has joined a long line of companies showing off footage and when the final product arrives it looks nothing like what was being promised. Strange that no one noticed it or made a fuss about it:

You would think that it ends there, no there is more! Remember when you bought a game on release day and you were able to play it right out of the box? Well, it seems thanks to EA and Bioware those days are now truly over:

Welcome to 2019 where you need a chart to find out when you can play Anthem and how much to pay Electronic Arts for that privilege. You paid full price for the game you should not need a tiered release schedule to know when you can play a game you HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED! And if the rumors are to believed:

It might be the final nail in the Bioware coffin, as we already know how quickly Electronic Arts closes studio that does not perform to their satisfaction. There is an extensive list of companies they have cannibalized and closed which you can find here. But to be really honest the Bioware responsible for games that we have come to love like Baldur’s Gate and the original Dragon Age have now become a soulless husk when the parasite known as Electronic Arts took them over.

And what boggles my mind is the number of people that are currently defending this shit show. Complain that the story is short and shallow for a Bioware game?  “It is fine, this game is not about the story.” State that the game is short on end game content: “Just wait for more content to be released” But the acting and dialogue aren’t up to Bioware standards: “This isn’t like any other Bioware game stop comparing them!” But it is just another generic loot and shooter like Destiny: “Don’t like it don’t play it!” The reason why we get buggy incomplete game releases like these is because you shit birds keep defending these companies. So, every time they release a game they see how far they can push it before the player base starts complaining…

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  3. Jared says:

    So i actually read this mess of an article. You did a review of reviews? I have my issues with Anthem, but a large part of them are QoL stuff. I don’t know, maybe get in and play the game and maybe review that. I suppose that doesn’t get as many clicks as this alarmist trash.

    • larch says:

      We hooked a fanboy folks! So basically, what you are saying is I have to pay for the game to figure out that it is garbage? Brilliant reasoning!

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