Rotten Tomatoes remove audience intrest scores

Literally hours after I wrote this article about the Captain Marvel outrage, Rotten Tomatoes decided to remove the audience interest scores from their website. This was the score that indicates the interest the movie-going audience has in watching a movie. And after recent event and Brie Larson’s comments the score has been steadily dropping, and before the changes where made it looked something like this:

And after the changes where made this is what it looks like now:

Just a reminder if anyone tells you this is unrelated and that it hasn’t happened before when criticizing content that features women in it. Remind these people that Netflix did the same thing when people gave Amy Schumer’s “Leather Special”1-star ratings because it was basically a terrible stand-up act:

What a “strange “coincidence right? Can’t be critical of anything that has a female in a lead role? If you are we will just remove the rating system completely. But thanks to things like this happening and it being amplified by social media, it gives people like me the chance to smell a flop long before its released. The fact that they are trying to cover up the bad viewer rating makes it look even worse than the bad ratings. Apparently according to the narrative being spun by the media outlets is that if you voice an opinion against Captain Marvel your now a sexist woman-hating troll. But then again, these people cannot legitimately distinguish between legit criticism and trolling. The actual trolls are a fraction of a percent. It just an easy marketing defense to blame “trolls” or “Russian bots” any time your product receives negative feedback.

And there has been a trend that I have been noticing the last few years is anything that is regarded as negative feedback is automatically labeled a troll campaign even when it’s genuine feedback. Until the entertainment industry starts actually taking in criticism, the industry will continue to be disconnected from audiences. And as you might have guessed when people cannot vote with a built-in rating system they will start voting with their wallets and stop supporting entertainment industries that abuse their fanbase. This move by Rotten Tomatoes is stupid and boils down to cutting off their own nose to spite their face, in essence, what the entertainment industry wants isn’t fans, but mindless consumer drones: “You will like what we tell you too like”. “When we want your opinions, we will tell you what they are going to be”. “We love diversity, but not diversity of opinion”.


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