Are people overreacting to Captain Marvels release?

Personally, I don’t think people are overreacting to the Captain Marvel movie, what I have seen though is how people are reacting towards the movie in regards to the actress Brie Larson’s comments in the media towards people and in this case white male comic fans:

We have seen the exact same pattern of behavour with the release of the all female reboot of the Ghosbusters movie in 2016. Dislike the idea of the movie? Well then you must be a sexist mysogynistic women hater:

So it comes as no surprise that the exact same pattern is being followed by Captain Marvel:

Fans aren’t happy with certain aspects of the movie, and as many fans are vocal about what they love they voice these opinions. And because they are being vocal about it they are automatically being labelled as being sexist for voicing their opinions on it. So, because people said they weren’t interested in watching the movie, all of a sudden it somehow is a movement by internet trolls trying to sabotage Captain Marvel’s Rotten Tomatoes score. When in fact it might be people aren’t interested in the movie because of the gender politics being pushed by the actress and the studio.

There is a narrative being spread in the media and social media that men and nerd culture somehow dislike the idea of woman staring in lead roles, which is completely false just by the way. The exact same thing happened with Black Panther too. People criticized the movie/character for reasons other than race, the poor CG and predictable story comes to mind. And those people including myself were instantly labelled as being racist purely for having a different opinion that goes against the majority. People have the ability to have an opinion that strays from the norm without being racist, sexist or homophobic.

And yes, I am aware I am missing plenty of women, this is just a small example of some of the woman that have portrayed lead roles in media and which in some cases have become cult classics within the same geek culture that is supposedly against women in the entertainment industry. And strangely enough Wonder Woman did not have the same problem as Captain Marvel:

But then again DC did not promote Wonder Woman as a pro-feminist movie, it did not try and turn it into some sort of movement. It marketed the movie based solely on the fact that it was a modern-day portrayal of a beloved female comic book super hero. There was no social politics going on in the background. And Gal Gadot did not disparage or belittle anyone during any of her interviews and was an absolute joy to listen to. Brie Larson on the other hand, well we know how that has been going:

Remember how the Wonder Woman marketing declared that the future is female? Me neither. But then again comparing Gal Gadot with Brie Larson is like comparing a luxury sedan with a broken-down VW Beetle. Then there were the trailers with Brie “boredface” Larson showcasing the emotional range of a potato:

And according to the internet asking her to emote more in the trailers, or photoshopping a smile on her face is an act of sexism:

This is absolutely nonsense, of course sexism exists. This just isn’t an a good example of it. But hey just another opertunity to shit on the fans right? Then there is the fact that Marvel has been trying to make Captain Marvel the new face of Marvel comics for years now without much sucess. Even going so far as to give her a significant power upgrade, but that hasn’t made up for poor writing and terrible art:

So, if comic book readers cannot be swayed, what does Marvel think would happen if they try it in the MCU? But I have a theory regarding this. Marvel/Disney knows that Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans contracts were expiring soon and that they needed a fresh face to lead the MCU after Infinity War. So, they decided to push for Captain Marvel, but making the mistake of casting someone with zero charisma or screen presence. These are just some of the reasons why people are disliking the idea of the movie, not because there is some secret cabal of male geeks who dislike women in entertainment media. Is the controversy exaggerated? I don’t think so. Does the controversy make money for the media and Marvel? Probably yes, are they using to get more media coverage? Definitely…

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