Screen Rant’s hot take on Battle Angel Alita

Every now and then I come across an article that makes me role my eyes so far back into their socket that they just might pop out. And this article is one of those articles. Warning this rant might contain mild spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie yet so be warned!

So where do we start with this dumpster fire of an article? Or as these people put it when faced with something they don’t find to their liking “problematic” article:

What exactly is a “sexualized ideal body type”? Can someone explain this to me? Can’t any body type be sexualized? I mean there is literally a fetish for every body type when you browse online porn websites. And what do you classify as being “ideal” and who does the classifications? Isn’t the ideal body subjective to a person’s tastes? Or did I not get the memo?

Clearly Molly Freeman did not read a single chapter of the Manga, there wasn’t a single moment during all the bloodshed, gore and fighting in the Manga where I went: “Wow she sure has a sexy robot body, I would tap that!” When she swapped bodies in the movie it was symbolic of her transforming from a girl into a woman. Also “sexualized adult body” are you somehow implying that she is still a young girl when she received her new cyborg body? Because in the Manga she is well over 200 years old already.  Having said that her look clearly mirrors that of the Manga which in no way is sexualized:

Repeat after me, her eyes are an artistic design choice. That is how Yukito Kishiro envisioned her and drew her. And I am assuming that the director Robert Rodriguez decided to stay as close to the source material as possible, instead of trying to change it. It had absolutely nothing to do with her cybernetic body design or anything else, so it did not need to be explained to the audience. Because most audiences don’t need their hands held when it comes to certain aspects in a movie like Battle Angel Alita. And most people who go and watch it knows about the source material unlike you.

It makes perfect sense, most stories based on science fictions and cybernetics have given the main charachters complete or partial control of their cybernetic body: See Ghost In The Shell as an example of this, where Motoko Kusanagi has multiple cybernetic bodies of all shapes and sizes during the course of the Manga:

TL;DR: “I want to take away a characters agency because they want a perfectly formed muscular body which I don’t like.” But the irony is not lost on me though, because these are the same people who will complain about how female characters in movies and video games lack agency. Because clearly according to Molly Freeman you cannot look attractive and be a fighter, there is no room for overlap there. And no, she was not programmed to make that specific body type choice you have no evidence that you can use to make that assumption or claim. Other than using it to legitimise your article.

Surely you cannot mean this Tumbler style remake of She-Ra. You know the one where they removed all of her femininity qualities making her look like a little boy by just removing the hair, so this is hardly the perfect example of what a “perfect” redesign for a female character should look like:

So, you are implying that Alita in no way, shape or form could have possibly decided on her own body’s shape and looks? Even though you clearly stated earlier in the article that she is a: “free-thinking and rebellious character.” And if that is the case the choices she makes is of her own freewill and isn’t influenced by anyone but her. And by implying this you are clearly imposing your own beauty standards on her because her current appearance is something you for some odd reason find unacceptable. And again, if you ACUALLY read any of the Manga you would know that it deals a lot with the subject of body dysmorphia and how Alita views herself and her body in the Manga. Which isn’t a topic that gets covered all that often. So next time you want to write a hot take, might I suggest you do some research first?

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  1. pandemia says:

    wow, this is dumb, i mean i know the press is on a really low moment, lies and cry over dumb bullshit but even without expecting anything they find a way to disappointing me

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