Captain Marvel box office projections dropping fast…

This seems to be a recurring theme in entertainment media and video games industry. Just imagine the amount of shit that would have started flying if you were to replace the “white males” with “jews”, “black dudes”, etc, people would have lost their shit completely.

Yes, shitting on a certain demographic when you want people to hand over their hard earned money to watch the movie you are in is always a good move. Especially considering the majority of comic book readers are male. But then again what does Brie Larson care she has been paid, so if the movie tanks because of her rather obnoxious loud mouth. I mean shitting on your fanbase “worked” for the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot and it worked for the latest Battlefield game. Clearly, these people do not seem to learn from other mistakes. But maybe after this movie doesn’t perform as well as it should, they might re-look at having vapid Hollywood actresses insert their social politics in movies.

So it comes as no real surprise and in a rather ironic turn on events that Captain Marvels projected opening has been slowly dropping from a massive 180 million dropping steadily down to a 160 million and now a rather pedestrian 100 million.

While funny, this isn’t totally unexpected. People dislike being preached to, they dislike their entertainment being used as some sort of political vehicle. And Brie opening her mouth every time during an interview certainly does not help the movies cause at all. If the movie fails for some “inexplicable reason” who wants to bet that Brie Larson will go on record as saying that it is white male comic fans who are to blame for this. This is kinda what happens when you keep shoving your politics down people’s throats. It turns out Brie Larson started talking about activism, feminism and the patriarchy is now coming back to bite the movie in the ass…

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  1. Brie says:

    So, ummmm….what the hell did she say? I mean…. that’s sorta why I came here. Bang up job in relaying the story, not missing anything important at all. “Brie Larsen enrages fans by saying words…maybe…but let’s not really get into that.”

    What a sad excuse for journalism. Lol

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