Fuck off with the whole Liam Neeson is a racist narrative…

Got to love the online outrage mob misconstruing what Liam Neeson said and turning it into a racial issue. Given what I have read about the entire incident, I can somewhat understand that some people might view it as something racial. Given the fact that he mentioned the man’s skin tone, but if you look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the man’s skin colour then his statement becomes apparent. He like most people in his position responded to his grief in an unhealthy way, due to the lack of information at the time. The basis and reason for his reveal is to show how unhealthy revenge can be and his experience with it.

He did not go prowl the streets looking for a black man to kill. He took the streets to make himself a target so when he gets confronted he could take out his rage and vengeance on that person. Which to me is extremely relatable as a person who has experienced the exact same think. Yes, grief sucks, but Liam Neeson showed us that he is only human and that you should not handle grief the same way he did.  I don’t know where the quote originated from but:  “A plant shouldn’t be judged for the dirt that it grows from” is a pretty apt quote for this situation. So can you please fuck off with the whole he is a racist narritive being spun by the media and the outrage crowd?

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