Captain Marvel officially a cause now and not a movie

Captain Marvel has now officially become cause and not a movie now, we all know where this is headed and what the end product of this is going to be. Also, be prepared for being called a Nazi incel misogynist if you don’t like it or when the movie doesn’t meet financial expectations. Here is a recent interview Bree had with website Instyle:

Hey Bree sweetie I got some really bad news for you, this isn’t activism this is “slactivism.” Having a lead role in a Marvel movie doesn’t really help anyone in any way, and no “raising awareness” takes little or no actual effort on your part. You know what real activists do? They go out and do actual things like aid work or helping out in a soup kitchen. Cashing huge checks to be in superhero movie isn’t a normal activist activity.

Wait? Fucken what? Bree Larson seems to be suffering from long term memory loss:

Hollywood’s fake progressivism nowadays is all about having woke firsts, real or imagined, Bree darling there where plenty of super heroes or female leads with confidence and sass before Captain Marvel ever showed up. It is like with the whole “Black Panther is the first Black Superhero on the big screen” all over again:

Stop disregarding the cinematic achievements of women in superhero whenever a new one is being released, it is fucken annoying! When the media and other female celebrities writes articles or talk about the “fact” that female heroes are non-existent or have been purposely held back from the superhero genre, they casually leave out the fact that most of these movies, TV, and books created by and for women ends up being bigger than some male-led franchises. See Wonder Woman as an example of this, but then again this goes against the narritive

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  1. You forgot Charlie Baltimore and (dare I say) Morgan Adams, then there are Trinity, Red Sonja,
    Valeria,Yu Shu Lien (true, the latter are supporting character, but damn, do they kicks some ass!)!

    All “conveniently forgotten”, by the MSM, just to sell a narrative

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