You should be more “woke”when killing zombies in games…

Remember when we all played video games for a fun and engaging storyline and not to try and earn woke points by critiquing them and trying to insert them awkwardly into political discussions? Yeah, I miss those days…

This passage is part of a critique on a video game, this is the fucking state of modern day video game journalism:

How utterly self-centered do you need to be as a person to play Resident Evil and think “yes this requires a political rant that hits all the usual bullet points so everyone will know how smart I am.” I mean it is totally reasonable to shoehorn in socio-political hot takes into an article about a game with zombies, an alligator in the sewers, a spy in a conspicuous red dress, and an evil underground lab run by an evil corporation. Sounds to me like the writer really just doesn’t like the Resident Evil formula. Also, her closed-minded idea that all cops are bad and every department is corrupt is extremely arrogant if not borderline ignorant.

Maybe it is because the game is a SURVIVAL HORROR, you are fighting for your own survival. You don’t have time to sit down at the local Racoon City Starbucks to contemplate the social-political repercussions for killing undead human beings. And you journalists wonder why you are getting laid off. It is because you write drivel like this…

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