When in doubt, blame the consumers for your failures

When will these developers and publishers understand, they need us more than we need them? And threatening your fanbase like this will not endear them to buy your games:

Highlighted the important parts for those who don’t want to read the entire thing:

“You aren’t a real fan and if you express your displeasure we will just deny you the ability to play our games so there!” Here is a tip for ya: Loyal fans isn’t someone who blindly buys into everything you sell and tells you everything is good. Loyal fan tells when things are going south with their franchise they love, and they are vocal about that fact. I own both Metro 2033 and Metro Redux as well as all three books. So, does that not qualify me as a fan of the franchise? Well since I am pro-consumer they won’t be seeing my money anytime soon:

They took a page straight out of EA and Dice’s playbook by insulting their fanbase and we all know how well that has been going for them the past couple of months. They are in the process of alienating their consumers and intentionally hurting their sales. If they want to shoot themselves in the foot a second time, then that’s on them. And they are the only ones to blame for this situation. The only loser in this exchange is going to be them, they were sitting on a literal gold mine where people were going to throw money at them for releasing this game. So how could they fuck this up so badly?

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